The Lamar University Mail center, which is located in the Carl Parker Building, provides students, faculty and staff with the information needed to process their outgoing mail in the most timely and cost effective service available. We are responsible for the distribution of all incoming U.S.P.S., inter-office and intra-campus mail to faculty, staff and students. We also process outgoing mail for all departments on campus.

The Mail center provides services such as:

First Class Mail
Priority Mail
Express Mail
Insured Mail
Certified Mail
Registered Mail
International Mail
Standard mail (formerly known as bulk mail)
Signature Confirmation
Delivery Confirmation
Return Receipt
Mail Forwarding
Postage Stamps
Domestic Money Orders
Important Notices



The University Post Office is not equipped to accept credit card or debit card transactions. Postage transactions must be made by check, made out to "U.S. Post Office" or "Post Master" or cash. Money Orders may be purchased by cash only.
ATM machines are located in the Library on the first floor, in the Wimberly Building near the main entrance and in the campus Bookstore, in the Setzer Center.

Under NO circumstance should you or someone else send cash through the mail. When monetary gifts are mailed, do so in the form of a postal money order which may be cashed at the University Mail Center.

Only one person per mail box.  The mailpiece delivered to your box can only obtain the name of the boxholder. If there is any other name on the mailpiece, it will be returned the same day to the sender. There is no general delivery. Mail cannot be received for another person in this designated box.

Mail boxes are available for rent for a fee of $15 per year. Mail box rental fees can be paid in the Cashier's Office of the Wimberly Student Services building, or online.