Security Key Management (YubiKey)

A security key is a portable piece of hardware about the size of a USB flash drive, that makes the LEA 2-Step as simple as possible. When you need to verify your identity for an application, you press a button on your security key. That's it.

Security keys have to be individually purchased by you and will not be issued by the university. However, their use is not limited to LEA 2-Step and can be used for securing personal services such as Gmail and online banking.

You can purchase Yubikeys (or similar) security keys from online retailers such as 

The security key must be WebAuthn/FIDO2 compatible in order to work with the LEA 2-Step.

Security keys, like Yubikeys, are generally designed with browser-based applications such as, Office365, Gmail, and Banner Admin Pages. However, they are currently not compatible with desktop-based applications such as, Office (Word, Powerpoint, Outlook and Teams). Therefore you will need to use the "PUSH" via Duo Mobile, Passcode, or Text message-based second step for applications not compatible with hardware tokens.

Although security keys are convenient, we recommend the use of the Duo Mobile App if you're using a smartphone.

For a detailed guide to Security keys and Duo optionally visit “

How do I install a Security Key (Yubikey)?

Open a computer.

  • Open a compatible browser. (Compatible browsers are Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari).
  • Go to
  • Click on "Get Started with LEA 2-Step or Manage your registered devices".
  • Log in with your LEA username and password.

Yubi Login


This link will provide specific OS and browser version information.

  • Click the "Start setup" button to begin the installation process.

 Yubi StartUp

  • Select "Security Key (Yubikey, Feitian, etc.) and press "Continue".

Yubi Type

  • Click "Continue" to enroll the Security Key.

Yubi Enroll

A separate window will open.

Yubi Insert

If not already inserted, insert the hardware token into the computer's USB port and tap contact on the key.

Yubi Allow

Following a successful install, the message below should be displayed.

Yubi Success

You will be returned to the following page indicating that a new security key was "JUST ADDED".

 Yubi Added

  • Click "Save" to complete the key installment.

You will now be prompted to insert and touch the Security Key to authenticate, every time you wish to access LU services off-campus.