LEA 2-Step: Security Beyond the Password

LEA 2-Step Header

LEA 2-Step for All Applications

Lamar University applications such as LU Email, LU Learn, and Cardinal Purch that use the LEA will require a 2-step login when accessed off-campus for all users.

What does that mean?

LU implemented a second layer of security via Duo Mobile for applications which we call the LEA 2-Step. 

What do I have to do?

Visit Install Duo Mobile App for details on how to download the Duo Mobile App and Register your device. Don't have a cell phone? Visit Security Key Management, for more information.

Why is LEA 2-Step a good thing?

  • LEA 2-Step keeps your Email and information safer.
  • There is a “Remember Me” option that once checked, tells your device to remember you for 21 days. You will only have to approve a second authentication thru Duo Mobile once every 21 days.
  • This process allows the removal of password expiration.

  Get Started with LEA 2-Step or Manage your registered devices