Generating a Passcode

Using the Duo Mobile App

For users without Internet connectivity or poor cellular coverage, LEA 2-Step is easy with Duo Security’s passcode method. 

  • Open the Duo Mobile App on your phone.
  • Click the "Lamar University" icon to generate a passcode


You will see one of the following examples below, depending upon your version of the Duo Mobile App:

Version 3.24 or newer

Logo Screen:



Passcode Screen:


Older Version

Logo Screen:

Duo Passcode with key


Passcode Screen:

Duo Passcode with key grayed out

Obtaining the passcode via text message

You can make Duo send you a text message with a passcode.
  • During logon to the application, click on "Text me new codes" button.
  • You will receive six-digit passcodes as a text message on your phone if you have registered a cell phone or a smart phone.
  • Click on the "Enter a Passcode" button.
  • Type one of the six-digit passcodes into the box and click "Log In".

Note:   Users can have new passcodes sent to their phones at any time by visiting