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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can study abroad?
    Everyone can study abroad! So long as you are a full-time enrolled student in good academic standing with at least a 2.0 GPA (undergraduate) or 3.0 GPA (graduate).
  • Do I have to take courses specifically for my major?
    No. While many of our programs offer credit that students can earn towards their degree, it is not required for a student to be an Art major to go on one of our Art programs, for instance. Most of LU's short-term, faculty-led programs are open to students in any major. However, some programs (such as those through the College of Business) do require students to major in that field in order to participate. Students will need to consult with the faculty leading the program to determine if there are pre-requisites for the courses offered.
  • Can international students study abroad?
    Yes! If you are an international, degree-seeking student enrolled at Lamar University, you can study abroad. Where you can go depends on where you are from, your visa, and where you want to go. Come and speak to the Office of Study Abroad about the opportunities available to you.
  • I'm a freshman, can I study abroad?
    Yes! Many of our programs do not have pre-requisites for the classes offered, though you will need to check with the faculty for each program to make sure. We also have several courses each year which offer core credit (i.e. ARTS 1301, GEOL 1403, ENGL 2300). These courses are specifically geared towards freshmen and sophomores who still need to fulfill core requirements.
  • Where can LU students travel?
    In recent years, Lamar students have taken part in study abroad programs to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America on short-term, faculty-led programs or semester exchanges. Some of the more popular countries are China, England, France, Guatemala, Ireland, South Korea, and Spain. Although students do have an opportunity to pursue study abroad in whatever country they might wish, the Advisory Committee may deny funding for study in foreign countries to which travel is discouraged by the U.S. State Department.
  • What if I am uncertain about where I would like to study abroad?
    Come in or make an appointment to speak with the Office of Study Abroad. They will be able to give you detailed information about each of the programs. Also, talk to your LU academic advisors within your department regarding LU courses offered abroad. They can also guide you in the process of searching for a study abroad program that will meet your academic needs and enrich your degree plan.
  • In what types of courses do students enroll?
    Students may enroll in almost any college-level course or courses, yet some particularly apt courses for study include art, business, education, fashion design, foreign languages, geography, geology, history, literature, and sociology.
  • How might a Lamar student participate in study abroad?

    There are five ways that a Lamar student might participate in study abroad:

    1. Enroll in a Lamar University faculty-led program by filling out an application.
    2. Enroll in a semester exchange program through Lamar University with one of our exchange partners.
    3. Enroll in is a study–abroad program offered by an American university that has agreed to permit Lamar students to take their courses for transfer credit to Lamar. The university currently has transfer–of–credit agreements with American institutions that conduct programs in London, Spain, Mexico, Italy, Vienna, and Costa Rica.
    4. Enroll in a study–abroad program offered by an American university that does not have a transfer–of–credit agreement with Lamar. This being the case, the student must provide evidence that the earned credit hours will transfer to Lamar and will apply to the students degree plan.
    5. Enroll for a summer term or a long semester at a foreign university of the student's choice, with the same stipulations regarding transfer-of-credit.
  • What is a short-term, faculty-led program?
    Most of the programs Lamar University offers are short-term, faculty-led programs during winter break, spring break, or summer. These programs are run by LU faculty members who teach the class(es) overseas in a foreign country and remain with the students throughout the duration of the program.
  • What is a semester exchange?
    A semester exchange is when students choose to study abroad for a semester or year through one of Lamar University's partner institutions. Students pay tuition and fees to Lamar University and their financial aid will apply the same way it would as if they are studying on campus at LU. Additional costs include: airfare, housing, meals, and expenses. You can see a list of our partner institutions.
  • How do students typically pay for study abroad courses?
    • Students are encouraged to save, fundraise, and budget their personal finances in order to take part in study abroad programs.
    • If students enroll in study abroad courses through a U.S. university, they may qualify for student loans.
    • Students can also search for available local and national-scholarships. Check out our Paying for Your Program page.
    • In addition, if they are full-time students currently enrolled in a degree-granting program at LU, they may qualify for the Study Abroad Fee Grant.
  • Who is eligible for the Study Abroad Fee Grant and how much can I receive?
    Students currently enrolled in degree-granting programs at Lamar University are eligible for the Study Abroad Fee Grant. All applicants must be Texas Success Initiative (TSI) compliant, and be in good standing with the university (2.0 grade point average for undergraduates students and 3.0 for graduate students). International students may receive grants, but not for study in their home countries, nor for their study at Lamar. Students on academic or disciplinary probation, or who are delinquent in their financial obligations to Lamar University are not eligible. Please look further at the eligibility guidelines.
  • If Lamar does not offer a study abroad course in my field, can I take it somewhere else?
    Yes, you can be part of a study abroad program offered by any other Texas, U.S., or foreign university.
  • If I find a non-LU program, what is the next step?
    When you find a study abroad program that is not offered by Lamar University, print the University information, course code number, credit hours (if any), length of study, syllabus or course content, cost, and a description of the course. Then, bring this information with you when you come in to speak with the Office of Study Abroad about how to make this opportunity work for you.
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