Make a Program Payment

Here are a few things to keep in mind regarding your program cost.

Short-term faculty-led program costs do not include tuition and fees. The cost of tuition is reflective of the course/credit hours associated with the program. Students will enroll in the course during summer registration. Make sure you have consulted with your academic advisor to ensure the course will count towards your degree plan.

So what does the program cost consist of? It includes all accommodation, in-country transportation, all cultural immersion activities, international health insurance, and in some cases flights and select meals. 

Pay for your short-term study abroad program.

Budgeting resources

Download our budget worksheet to plan for any additional expenses associated with your program.

Have you applied for a semester exchange program?

If you've chosen to participate in an exchange semester at one of our partner universities, the study abroad and student exchange coordinator will walk you through an individualized budget for your semester inclusive of all expenses. There are no "program costs" associated with semester exchange. You will enroll in your courses at Lamar and pay your tuition as normal.

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