Summer Dance Intensive

July 10-21, 2017

Summer Dance Intensive

The Lamar University Summer Dance Intensive (LUSDI) is a chance for dance students to experience the life of a collegiate dancer as well as study with well-known names in the professional and collegiate dance industries. Students will make professional connections and lasting friendships in this two-week intensive while growing as a dance artist.

Our intensive concludes with a fully produced dance concert, including material learned in the two-week span. Students will experience a professional level rehearsal process including tech and dress rehearsal, preparing them for a professional level concert, in the Lamar University Theatre.

At Lamar University’s Summer Dance Intensive, hosted by the Department of Theatre and Dance, students study ballet, classic contemporary, jazz, aerial silks and hip hop dance among a multi-faceted curriculum taught by LU faculty as well as dance professionals from the surrounding area.

Summer DanceDance Facilities

LUSDI will be held in Lamar University’s Health and Human Performance Complex A & B (HHPA 208 and HHPB Dance Annex 100), dance studios, and the Lamar University Theatre. Our studios are fully equipped with ballet barres, mirrors, and state-of-the-art sprung-wooden floors covered in dance flooring. LUSDI students will be under the supervision of our department dance majors. These helpers have gone trough extensive training and will be escorting your students to and from class, lunch, between buildings, drop-off, and pick-up. Students will also have the chance to take class with our dance major and LU Dance Team members to gain the full collegiate experience.

Class Format

Lamar University Summer Dance Intensive (LUSDI) offers a two-week program. Students may choose to participate the full two weeks or have their choice of week one or two. *LUSDI urges students to participate in the full two weeks to gain the most out of the experience. Students who are only registered for week one are allowed to register for week two, if they wish to do so, at the conclusion of week one. To maintain organization we ask that if for any reason a student is not able to attend, family emergency, illness, etc. that a LUSDI staff member is notified.

We have two Summer Dance Intensive sessions based on age. The junior intensive is for students who have completed 3rd - 7th grade. The senior intensive is for those who have completed 8th grade+ and adult students. A placement class will be held the first day, of each week, of the intensive. Placement is determined by student’s comfort and ability level. We are committed to providing your student with the best experience possible. We want to push your student to strive for excellence, while still maintaining a safe environment to create and perfect their dance craft.


Summer Dance at LUCheck-in/late registration will take place, Monday, July in HHPB Dance Annex 102 at 7:15 a/m. Parents will be allowed to watch the first 15 minutes of the placement class to assure the student is acclimating well. No parents will be allowed to watch class after that point. No video or photography will be allowed inside of class, without consent from the instructor.

Each day, all students will be provided with healthy lunch options at the intensive. All students including students with dietary restrictions may also bring cash ($7) to eat in the LU Dining Hall, accompanied by a LUSDI Assistant or bring sack lunch to eat in the Dance Annex. Students are urged to bring a water bottle with them to classes to stay hydrated and focused throughout the day.