Goldwater Scholars

Goldwater Scholars

Barry Goldwater Scholarship & Excellence in Education Foundation

The Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program confers the most prestigious undergraduate award given in the sciences. The United States Congress established the scholarship in 1986 in honor of former United States Senator and 1964 presidential candidate Barry Goldwater.

The scholarship is awarded to about 300 students nationwide and provides $7,500 per year for educational expenses to sophomores and juniors majoring in math, science, and engineering. The purpose of the award is to encourage outstanding students to pursue careers and advanced degrees in these fields.

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Christopher York - LU Goldwater Scholar

Christopher York: 2017 Goldwater Scholar

Christopher York, a sophomore double major in mathematics and computer science, was selected as the fourth Lamar student to receive the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. York’s unique research opportunities have inspired him to pursue a career in math.

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Nicolas Nikoloutsos - LU Goldwater Scholar

Nicolas Nikoloutsos: 2016 Goldwater Scholar Honorable Mention

Nicolas Nikoloutsos, a senior from Vidor, Texas is an electrical engineering and physics dual degree student with a double major in mathematics. Nicolas is a 2016 Goldwater Scholar honorable mention.

Keeley Townley-Smith - LU Goldwater Scholar

Keeley Townley-Smith: 2014 Goldwater Scholar

Keeley Townley-Smith was selected as the second Lamar student to receive the prestigious Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship. While attending Lamar, Keeley majored in physics and electrical engineering. 

Joseph K. Young - LU Goldwater Scholar

Joseph Young: 2005 Goldwater Scholar

Joseph Young is a 2005 Goldwater Scholar. While attending Lamar, Joseph majored in electrical engineering and physics. He has continued his education and gone on to receive a Ph.D. in 2013 from rice University in Electrical and Computer Engineering.