Designing a Resilient Cyber-Physical Energy Infrastructure


Dr. Reza Barzegaran, Assistant Professor, Phillip M. Drayer Department of Electrical Engineering


In this project funded by Center of Port Management, we are designing, analyzing and enhancing the resiliency and reliability of a port energy, communication and structural infrastructure, according to the vulnerability of southeast Texas to natural threats. A nonintrusive cyber-physical cogeneration system in under development for port and coastal areas with the focus on resiliency and reliability.


A Cyber-Physical resiliency model will be developed where the energy and cyber resiliency parts will be analyzed by a team in LAREM lab and the physical structure reliability and resiliency will be analyzed by the other team in LAREM lab in collaboration with Dr Hamidi, and next the system will be compared with other similar distributed generation options. In order to implement our proposed infrastructure, Lamar Renewable Microgrid lab, as a model of conventional and renewable energy resource, will be integrated with Lamar Fuel cell lab, as a model of sustainable energy resource, through the cyber-physical structure. Novel algorithms and real working prototypes will be developed to guarantee enforcement of real-time and security requirements in safety-critical energy and communication infrastructures. The formal method and runtime model-checking solutions will ensure that the port’s monitoring and control tasks are completed in a real time manner without sacrificing any of infrastructural security requirements.


The project is funded by the Center for Advances in Port Management (CAPM) at Lamar University


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schematic of the cogeneration system

Schematic of the Cogeneration System