Research Group

Nicholas Brake, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Nicholas Brake, Ph.D.

Current and Past Students


  • Mubarak Adesina
  • Mohammad Nikookar
  • Seyedsaeid Hosseini, D.E. Dissertation: “Mechanochemical Treatment of Bottom Ash and Dredge Materials in Fly Ash Based Geopolymer”, 2020
  • Devin Jones, D.E. Dissertation: "Structural consequences resulting from the accidental explosion at the PEMEX headquarters", 2019
  • Soheil Oruji, D.E. Dissertation: “Replacing ultra-fine and highly dispersed pulverized coal bottom ash as portland cement to strengthen and improve physical properties of cement mortars”, 2017
  • Fatih Adam, D.E. Dissertation: “Structural Analysis of a rigid pavement overlaying a sub-surface void”, 2015
  • Sina Nejad, D.E. Dissertation: “Protection of petrochemical facilities from accidental and manmade threats”, 2014
  • Ghassan Sudani, D.E. Dissertation: “Stability of shallow foundations adjacent to spaced piles-row”, 2013


  • Suhaib H Al-Abed, "Properties of Magnetic Concrete for Wireless Power Charging Applications", 2019
  • Kyle Edwards, “Wireless power transfer through magnetically permeable concrete media”, 2018
  • Weam Elmahmoud, M.S. Thesis: “Experimental analysis of fine impregnated electrically conductive powders in Portland cement”, 2016
  • Samson Negeri, M.S. Thesis: “The effects of heavy multiple axle trucks on rigid pavement distress in various climatic regions”, 2014
  • Vul Thang, M.S. Thesis: “Studded bond enhancement for SCS sandwich shells”, 2014
  • Ali Banaa, M.S. Thesis: “Early age damage quantification of actively restrained concrete using inverse analysis”, 2014


  • Hayden Rice, " Highly dispersed silica fume and carbon nanofiber to reinforce recycled concrete aggregates", 2017
  • Kyle Edwards, "Durable magnetic cements for vehicle wireless charging applications", OUR Research Fellowship, 2017
  • Michael Bourne, “A low-cost next-generation pavement damage detection technique”, Lamar University OUR Research Fellowship, 2014
  • Nicholas Carillo, Billy Wilson, Murphy Mason, “Fracture resistance and size effect of high performance pervious concretes”, Undergraduate Research, 2014