Accreditation and State Standards

The University is a regionally accredited school under the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) and upholds Texas State Standards (Texas Administrative Code [TAC] and State Board of Educator Certification [SBEC]). Candidate learning outcomes are identified in the course syllabus and aligned with each of the following accrediting organizations.

Courses are designed to meet the educational requirements set forth by the state of Texas and SBEC. Upon completion of this program, the candidate is able to develop the knowledge, skills and dispositions for fulfilling the educational diagnostician role, build a school community that supports the success of all candidates, and facilitate the well-being and development of children and youth in the educational setting.

Prior Experience

According to TEA: each EPP must develop and implement specific criteria and procedures that allow:

    (A) military service member or military veteran candidates to credit verified military service, training or education toward the training, education, work experience or related requirements (other than certification examinations) for educator certification requirements, provided that the military service, training or education is directly related to the certificate being sought; and

    (B) candidates who are not military service members or military veterans to substitute prior or ongoing service, training or education, provided that the experience, education or training is not also counted as a part of the internship, clinical teaching or practicum requirements, was provided by an approved EPP or an accredited institution of higher education within the past five years and is directly related to the certificate being sought.

As such, each candidate who qualifies will have their experience aligned with curriculum/coursework to identify appropriate credit toward their degree and certification.

TEA Complaint Process

Candidates should contact our Certification Office for issues concerning TEA. For more information about certification or to contact the office, see or call (409) 880-2125. 

If your issue is not resolved, you have the right to contact TEA and file a complaint at