Registering for the TExES State exam for Undergraduates/Post-Bac Students

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: “NEW” EC-6 and 4-8 test takers TEA test changes and deadlines

Texas Education Agency (TEA) has implemented “new” certifications and changes to the following certification areas:

 EC-6 Core Subjects (291)

 4-8 Core Subjects (211)

 4-8 ELAR (117) 

All candidates in the certification areas of EC-6 Core Subjects (291), 4-8 Core Subjects (211), 4-8 ELAR (117) and PPR-Professional and Pedagogy Responsibilities exam (160) must pass the required exams and apply with both Lamar University and TEA to be recommended for certification by 12/30/2020.

If candidates do not meet the testing and certification requirements prior to 12/30/2020 the (293) Science of Teaching Reading (STR) exam will be added to the testing requirements. These requirements must be met by 8/31/2021 and candidates must apply with Lamar and TEA to be recommended for certification by 10/30/2021.

To complete the certification and program requirements, candidates must:

  • Pass all required exams
  • Complete all required coursework
  • Degree must be conferred
  • Apply with Lamar University for certification
  • Apply for certification with TEA
  • Complete fingerprinting and pay fees with TEA 

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ: “NEW” TEA Exams Launch Dates and Changes

The “New” TEA test scheduled launch dates listed could be subject to change at a later date. 

  • “New” Science of Teaching Reading (293) exam that will launch January 1, 2021.
  • “New” EC-6 Core Subjects exam (391) exam that will launch January 1, 2021.
  • “New” Physical Education (258) exam that will launch September 1, 2021.

Please review additional information pertaining to above exam dates and changes at TEA website.

Requirements for approval to take the TExES State Exam: 

Before Lamar Testing office will approve an undergraduate/post-bac student to test the following information below must be met: 

  • A TEA # must be provided
  • (If you do not know your TEA number, please call TEA (Texas Education Agency) support at (512) 936-8400).
  • Students must pass the Lamar Proficiency exams before they can apply for approval to take the TExES state exam.
  • Once you pass your Lamar Proficiency Exams or if there is not a Lamar Proficiency Exam available for your content area then you must provide a departmental approval for your content area.

EFFECTIVE SEPTEMBER 1, 2019: Undergraduates and Post-Bac Students will apply for TExES state exam following the instructions below:

To apply for the TExES Exam:                                                       

  • Complete the Approval to Test for Initial Teacher Application here.
  • Click Submit
  • Once your Approval to Test for Initial Teacher Application is received, verified and approved you will receive an email confirmation and instructions for you to register at the email address you provided on the application for the TExES state exam.
  • There are (2) state tests required to receive your certification.
  • You must pass your state content area exam and EC-12 PPR exam.
  • You are only allowed to submit one test approval with TEA at a time. Please decide which test you would like to take first and apply for that specific test.
  • Once you have taken one exam and received your scores please complete another application and repeat the process for your next state exam.
  • Questions regarding application and registration for Approval to Test for Initial Teacher Application can be directed to

PLEASE DO NOT SUBMIT the APPLICATION for the TExES Exams until all requirements are met:

Please Note: Because of the high volume of applicants, the TExES exam process can take approximately 2-3 weeks from the time your application is received and all requirements are verified. Please make sure all requirements are followed and met, if not this will delay the process of your TExES application.

Testing Fees — Effective September 1, 2018

Pending SBEC approval, test fees effective September 1, 2018 will be $116 for most TExES exams, and $58 for individual Core Subjects exams (#801-809). The fee will continue to be assessed. Please refer to the Registration Bulletins posted on the Pearson website.

Educator Certification Examination Retake Limit Change:

Texas Education Code §21.048 limits candidates to four attempts to retake any educator certification examination. This means that candidates are limited to a total of five attempts to pass a certification examination. The five attempts include the first attempt to pass the examination and four retakes. A subsection of the law, which currently counts all attempts of the same examination taken before September 1, 2015 as only one attempt, is set to expire. Beginning September 1, 2018, all attempts of the same examination will count toward the five-attempt testing limit regardless of when the examination was first attempted.

Note: Candidates who did not test before 09/01/2015 are not impacted by the change. All attempts have always been included in the attempt count for these candidates. For more information, please see the Educator Certification Examination Retake Limit FAQs website.

How do candidates apply for a waiver?

Candidates who reach the 5-time testing limit may apply for a test-limit waiver to attempt the examination again. Candidates must pay an application fee of $164 and complete all required components, including analysis of prior test results and completion of educational activities directly related to the candidate’s test for which he/she is applying, before test approval will be granted.

Please visit Test Waiver Information website for additional information regarding this process.