Superintendent (195)

Please Note: This information serves for the TExES Exam and Certification Requirements. Students are responsible for all information listed in this email, please be sure to read it carefully and retain a copy for your records

Congratulations for reaching this point in your program. This document is intended to provide you with a step-by-step process for becoming certified as a Superintendent in Texas.

Note. Out-of- State Students are not eligible for testing or certification in Texas, please be sure to check your state requirements for Certification in your state. This document does not relate to you. However, please sign it to acknowledge that you understand that you cannot take the TExES exam for certification in your state.

Texas Candidates

Please complete all applications with Lamar University first to be approved with TEA to take the TExES exam, and to be approved for Certification after testing/graduating. The below checklist provides a step-by-step guide for the testing process. The next checklist provides a step-by-step guide for certification.

Checklist for Testing







Apply with LU TExES Office to take the TExES 195 Superintendent

Complete the application. Be sure to include:

  • TEA # (If you do not know your TEA number, please call TEA support at (512) 936-8400)
  • Valid classroom teaching certificate with Principal certification
  • Students must take and pass the pre-test with a passing score before eligible for the TExES 195 Superintendent exam




Receive approval from LU TExES Office with next steps for registering for the exam. This approval takes approximately 2 weeks.

During this time, you can determine exam dates and sites for the TExES 195 Superintendent exam.



Register for the TExES 195 Exam

After completing Step 1, you will receive a confirmation email which will have the steps for completing your Pearson application to test.



Take your exam and await your test results

You will be notified by Pearson of your testing results. If you pass the exam, please continue by using the Checklist to Be Certified below. If you need to retest, please see the information below the checklist.

Note. If after 3 weeks, you have not received information of your LU TExES approval to complete the application to register to test, please contact the TExES Office at (409) 880-7774 or Email:

After passing your TExES exam, you will need to complete another application with Lamar University to be approved for the Certification. Do not apply for certification with TEA until after you have completed the LU application to request approval for Certification. Use the below Checklist. 

Checklist to be Certified:







Verify that all conditions have been met with LU to be approved for Certification: Passed TExES Exams, Graduation, Outstanding Balances Paid, etc.

Use Self-Service Banner to determine if there are any holds on your account. You must have your degree conferred and all TExES exams passed before applying for certification.



Apply with LU Certification Office to be reviewed that you meet all conditions to be approved for Certification.

Complete the application.



Apply with TEA using their online application AFTER you have completed the above step.

Apply with TEA for Superintendent Certification.

*Choose Texas Standard Application

*Choose Entity: Lamar University (University Based)



The LU Certification Office will complete the certification recommendation process with TEA.

TEA will email you at the email address you provided with TEA that you have been recommended by LU. Check your email within 6 weeks after your you have submitted your certification application to Lamar and TEA for your recommendation for certification. Please contact LU certification office if you have questions or concerns.


Note. Students will not be recommended for Certification without following the above steps in the order they are presented.

Note. If after 6 weeks, you have not received an email from TEA for recommendation, please contact the LU Certification Office at (409) 880-2320 or Email:

Lamar University and Texas Education Agency are subject to make changes at any time pertaining to testing and certification deadlines, TExES exams and Lamar and TEA policies. Please make sure and check Lamar University websites and TEA websites for any changes and updates. All updated information can be found on the LU Certification Office website. 

Locate TExES exam dates and preparation manuals.

Need to Retake the TExES Superintendent Exam?

  • A remediation review is required before you are able to RETAKE the TExES Superintendent Exam.
  • After completing the remediation review, the next step is to complete and submit the Approval to Test Graduate Application to retake the TExES Superintendent exam. 
  • Questions regarding study the remediation review can be directed to Dr. Jimmy Creel at or Dr. Robert Nicks at

If You Do Not Pass One or Both TExES Exams

To retake the TExES exam, please complete the application to retest in Step 1.

Texas Education Code §21.048 limits candidates to four attempts to retake any educator certification examination. This means that candidates are limited to a total of five attempts to pass a certification examination. For more information, please see the Educator Certification Examination Retake Limit FAQs.

Test-Limit Waiver Information

Test takers are limited to 5 attempts on any certification examination under Texas Education Code §21.048(a-1). The State Board for Educator Certification has defined the waiver application process in Chapter 230, Subchapter C of the Texas Administrative Code and authorized TEA staff to administer the waiver process. Application information is provided on the Test-Limit Waiver Information webpage.   

For more information, please visit TEA website.