TEA Certification Deadlines and Test Changes

Texas Education Agency (TEA) has implemented “new” certifications and changes to the following certification areas:

 EC-6 Core Subjects (291)

 4-8 Core Subjects (211)

 4-8 ELAR (117)

All candidates in the certification areas of EC-6 Core Subjects (291), 4-8 Core Subjects (211), 4-8 ELAR (117) and PPR-Professional and Pedagogy Responsibilities exam (160) must pass the required exams and apply with both Lamar University and TEA to be recommended for certification by 12/30/2020.

If candidates do not meet the testing and certification requirements prior to 12/30/2020 the (293) Science of Teaching Reading (STR) exam will be added to the testing requirements. These requirements must be met by 8/31/2021 and candidates must apply with Lamar and TEA to be recommended for certification by 10/30/2021.

To complete the certification and program requirements, candidates must:

  • Pass all required exams
  • Complete all required coursework
  • Degree must be conferred
  • Apply with Lamar University for certification
  • Apply for certification with TEA
  • Complete fingerprinting and pay fees with TEA

Please review additional information to apply for testing and certification with LU and TEA here.

The “New” TEA test scheduled launch dates listed could be subject to change at a later date.

  • “New” Science of Teaching Reading (293) exam that will launch January 1, 2021.
  • “New” EC-6 Core Subjects exam (391) exam that will launch January 1, 2021.
  • “New” Physical Education (258) exam that will launch September 1, 2021.

Please review additional information pertaining to above exam dates and changes on the TEA website.

IMPORTANT: Lamar University and Texas Education Agency (TEA) is subject to make changes at any time pertaining to testing and certification deadlines, TExES exams, Lamar and TEA policies. Please make sure and check Lamar University websites and TEA websites for any changes and updates.