About the Program

Program Director : Dr. Chiung-Fang Chang
Location: Maes Building, Office 53
Phone: (409) 880-7621

Sociology Gage

The Sociology Program offers majors a solid foundation for social research.  Small class sizes and a low student-to-faculty ratio allow students to build meaningful relationships with expert faculty who truly care about students’ success. 


All full-time sociology faculty in our program received their doctoral degrees in sociology and actively engage in a variety of research projects in the areas of racial and ethnic relations, education, gender inequality, social adjustment, religion, social movements, education, marriage and family studies, postmodernism, social psychology, population studies, and sports.  In particular we have been vigorous advocates for cultural diversity; all sociology faculty members come from different racial and ethnic backgrounds, which enhances opportunities for learning in a culturally rich environment.


The sociology program is committed to baccalaureate programs, which create liberating educational experiences for each major. Under the personal and concerned guidance of faculty, students matriculate in one of the two baccalaureate programs - the bachelor's of science (B.S.) or the bachelor's of arts (B.A.). The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) degree is designed for students whose interests are more quantitative, while the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) offers a traditional liberal arts education.

Students majoring in sociology can establish careers in the following areas:

  • law
  • business administration
  • health and education
  • politics
  • urban planning
  • city government
  • counseling and human resources
  • advertising and marketing
  • public relations and the media
  • criminal justice
  • education
  • the nonprofit sector


Our program offers majors a solid foundation in sociological theory, research methods, data analysis skills, and sufficient knowledge in the fields of criminology, gender, culture, social movement, social psychology, marriage and family, and education, amongst others, that will provide students with training and skills for the workforce or advanced studies upon graduation. 

We also offer a minor in Sociology which allows students to take the courses that are most appropriate to coordinate with their major and career aspirations.