alasti120x149.jpegSanaz Alasti


Sanaz Alasti is Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Lamar University, Texas State University System, where she teaches criminal justice and legal classes. She is the author of several books on criminal law, the criminal justice system, comparative punishment practices and rituals, and criminology. In addition to her professional experience as a post-doctorate at Harvard University School of Law (2010–2012), she is the recipient of the Teaching Appreciation Award from Criminal Justice Department, Heald College, San Francisco (2010); the Merit Scholarship, Golden Gate University School of Law (2004); the Graduate Student Award, Criminology Department, Tehran University (2003); and the Top Student Award, Allame Tabatabaee University School of Law (2001). Alasti attended numerous conferences in the US, Middle East and Europe to discuss the arbitrariness of capital punishment. She has recently been invited to Italy as a lecturer to provide instruction to military officers, legal advisors, political and policy advisors on Middle Eastern criminal justice systems at a seminar hosted by NATO School. Alasti has worked for the Law Library of Congress, and her interviews have been featured in the magazines such as the New Yorker and the Examiner.

Affiliated Faculty

bronson120x149.jpegEric Bronson

Former Director of Criminal Justice Program at Lamar and Dean of School of Justice, Roger Williams University

Eric F. Bronson is the director of Criminal Justice at Lamar University. He received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Bowling Green State University. His teaching and research interests include inmate subcultures, newsworthiness of the death penalty, victim closure and stratification in society. He has published articles and presented papers of the newsworthiness of executions and is investigating closure related to the victim's family members.