Fast Track B.S./M.S.

The Fast Track B.S./M.S. is designed to allow motivated undergraduate mathematics majors to earn both a B.S. and an M.S. degree in five years. This is achieved by allowing students in the program to take four dual-credit courses during their senior year. Students who successfully complete these dual-credit courses will receive both the graduate credit and undergraduate credit. Please contact Professor Judy A. Kennedy if you are interested in this program.

Program Requirements and Restrictions

  • Candidates should apply for admission to the Fast Track program three semesters prior to the semester in which they plan to graduate.

  • A student admitted into the program will maintain an undergraduate classification until reaching 108 credit hours. At this point the Graduate Admissions office will create a degree-seeking Master's record to run concurrently with the student’s undergraduate record. This typically occurs during the last semester of the student’s undergraduate degree. For this switch to occur, the student must maintain a 3.3 GPA in all mathematics courses and satisfy all requirements for admission to the Master's program (see the graduate catalog for full requirements), including:
    1. GRE scores submitted prior to the completion of 108 hours.
    2. Three letters of recommendation submitted from mathematics professors.

  • Students considering the program should:
    1. complete Math 3322 and 3370 at least four semesters prior to graduation,
    2. complete Math 3350 or MATH 3351 and 4325 at least three semesters prior to graduation,
    3. complete a three hour graduate course during the summer preceding their last undergraduate year,
    4. complete six hours of dual-credit courses in the fall semester of their last undergraduate year,
    5. complete six hours of dual-credit courses in the spring semester of their last undergraduate,
    6. complete a three hour graduate course during the summer following graduation,
    7. meet all departmental and university requirements for the Master of Science Thesis or Non-Thesis option as dictated by the catalog and
    8. complete a total of 36 hours regardless of the choice of thesis or non-thesis track.

  • A student may not receive credit for both the undergraduate and the graduate version of a cross-listed course.

  • A student may take no less than four graduate courses, that is, at least four courses must be graduate courses having no undergraduate counter-part.