The Math Shop

The Math Shop

Welcome to the Math Shop! Our lab is staffed by qualified graduate tutors ready to help you achieve success in your current math course. 

The Math Shop is now open for the Spring 2024 semester. 

Hours Open

Monday, June 3 - Wednesday, July 31

Location: Lucas Engineering, Room 211
No appointment required

Monday - Thursday
Face to Face : 8:30 am - 2:30 pm


Courses We Tutor

  • Math 1314/0214 College Algebra
  • Math 1316 Trigonometry
  • Math 1324/0224 Math for Business and Social Sciences
  • Math 1332/0132 Contemporary Mathematics
  • Math 1342/0242 Statistics
  • Math 2311/0372 PreCalculus I
  • Math 2312 PreCalculus II
  • Math 2318 Linear Algebra
  • Math 2413 Calculus I
  • Math 2414 Calculus II

Our Mission

The mission of Tutoring Services of the Mathematics Department is to assist Lamar University’s undergraduate students in developing content-appropriate study strategies and content knowledge for all first- and second-year mathematics courses, through Calculus II. Through drop-in tutoring staffed by undergraduate and graduate students who are trained in specific math-course content, we guide undergraduate students at Lamar University to become confident mathematics students who are independent, self-regulated learners.


Accountability – Each individual engaged in student support is responsible for their assignments and will do their job to the best of their abilities.

Respect - We respect students, instructors, and the people around us. We value the abilities of all students, recognizing that we all come from different mathematical backgrounds.

Support - We provide an open, accessible, and supportive learning environment for students.

Communication - We communicate effectively with students and co-workers, and we help students learn to communicate mathematics effectively.

Mastery - We continue to learn and work toward content mastery and to improve our student support skills.

Excellence - We recognize that learning mathematics is hard work, but that persistence pays dividends. There are no shortcuts.

Growth Mindset - We reject the notion that some people are just “not good at math.”


The Math Shop Student

Contact Us

The Math Shop
Location: Lucas 211
Phone: 409-880-7017

Anita Brice
Coordinator of First-Year Mathematics Experience