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Friday, June 10

Links to sessions are embedded in their headings.

9:00am-10:30am: Session D

D-S1. Ethics of Reading

Chair: Drew Shannon
Chat Moderator: Kai Hinson

Lesley Higgins (York University, Canada) & Marie-Christine Leps (York University, Canada),Jeu d’esprit or ethical experiment? The lesson of Flush

Luca Pinelli (University of Bergamo, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, Italy & France), “Towards an Ethics of Sexual/Textual Ambiguity: Virginia Woolf, Simone de Beauvoir, and the Ethics of Reading”

Marie Allègre (University of Birmingham, England, UK), “Working with Virginia Woolf’s ethics: Reparative psychoanalytic literary criticism”

D-S2. Party Time

Chair: Shilo McGiff
Chat Moderator: Valérie Favre

Christopher Thomas (University of Maine, U.S.),Risking Illness for the Sake of Pleasure: Post-Pandemic Party-giving in Mrs. Dalloway

Jiangnan Xiang (University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China),Hostess as moral subject: Toward an ethics of feminist hospitality”

Vicki Tromanhauser (State University of New York at New Paltz, U.S.),Meat Decadence: Lady Bruton’s Luncheon and the Ethics of Appetite” 

D-S3. Subjects of Violence 

Chair: Mridula Sharma
Chat Moderator: Victoria Juarez

Candis Bond (Augusta University, U.S.), “‘The Road was a Jungle’: Street Harassment in The Years

James Bowen (Oxford University, England, UK),The Admirable Hugh: Force in Woolf’s Ethics”

Rupeng Chen (University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK),Virginia Woolf’s Conspirators: Bioterrorists or Co-breathers”

D-S4. Mrs. Dalloway: Scales of Illness and Care

Chair: Emily Hinnov
Chat Moderator: Laci Mattison

Ananya Sasaru (University of Calcutta, India),Medical Ethics and Hospitality in Mrs. Dalloway

Elie Matta (Lebanese University, Lebanon) & Emile Whaibeh (University of Balamand, Lebanon),A Gendered Look at Caregiver Burden and Patient Guilt in Mrs. Dalloway

Caylee Weintraub (Florida Gulf Coast University, U.S.), “‘The World of the Infinitely Small’:” Microbic Networks in Mrs. Dalloway

10:30am-11:00am: Short break

11:00am-12:30pm Session E

E-S1. Gendered Identities 

Chair: Laura Tscherry
Chat Moderator: Kai Hinson

Gwen Rose (University of Saskatchewan, Canada), “Unsolicited/Unrepresentative: The Ethics of Virginia Woolf’s Portrayal of the Transgender in Orlando, as compared to Lili Elbe’s Man Into Woman

Emanuella Cervello (Florida Gulf Coast University, U.S.), “‘By the Truth We are Undone. Life is a Dream’: Queer Subversions of Time and Space in Orlando

Tanya Turneaure (Independent Scholar, U.S.), “Room(s) for Each of Us: Implications and Ethics of Gendered Self”

E-S2. Time and Tide, Form and Fold 

Chair: Vicki Tromanhauser
Chat Moderator: Amy Smith

Benjamin Hagen (University of South Dakota, U.S.), “‘Curious Props’: Functions of the Soliloquy in The Waves

Laci Mattison (Florida Gulf Coast University, U.S.),Extinction and the Ethics of Deep Time in The Waves

Shilo McGiff (Independent Scholar, U.S.) “‘The Rat or The Flower?’: Decomposed Beings in the Holograph Drafts of The Waves

E-S3. Woolf and European Contexts

Chair: Jeanne Dubino
Chat Moderator: Marielle O’Neill

Ashley Foster (California State University, Fresno, U.S.),Virginia Woolf, Ethical Responses to Total War, and Images of Peace”

Demet Karabulut-Dede (Munzur University, Turkey), “‘But she loved her roses (Did not that help Armenians?)’: Armenians in Virginia Woolf’s Ethics and Aesthetics”

Paulina Pająk (University of Wroclaw, Poland), “‘Almost political’: Reading Virginia Woolf in 1930s Poland”

E-S4. Celebrities, Hacks, and Influencers 

Chair: Joshua Phillips
Chat Moderator: Victoria Juarez

Annalisa Federici (Roma Tre University, Italy), “The Ethics of Writing at High Rates for Fashion Papers: Virginia Woolf’s Short Stories for Harper’s Bazaar

Sara Penn (Simon Fraser University, Canada), Jacob’s Room and the Ethics of Authorship” 

Shawna Ross (Texas A&M University, U.S.), “Virginia Woolf, Influencer” 

12:30pm-1:15pm: Long break

1:15pm-2:45pm: Plenary II: "Rethinking Bloomsbury and Race in the Wake of BLM"

Gretchen Holbrook Gerzina (University of Massachusetts Amherst, U.S.) 

2:45pm-3:00pm: Microbreak


3:00pm-4:30pm Session F

F-S1. Publishing a Scholarly Article: A Roundtable 

Chair: Drew Shannon
Chat Moderator: Casey Ford

Benjamin Hagen (University of South Dakota, U.S.), Woolf Studies Annual

Anne Fernald (Fordham University, U.S.), Modernism/Modernity

Melissa Bradshaw (Loyola University Chicago, U.S.), Feminist Modernist Studies 

F-S2. ‘Moments of Being’: Epiphany and Ethics in Virginia Woolf’s Writings 

Chair: Mark Hussey
Chat Moderator: Emily Hinnov

Angela Harris (Independent Scholar, UK),Woolf’s ‘Moments of Being’ As Epistemic Epiphany”

Gabrielle McIntire (Queen’s University, Canada),Woolf’s ‘Moments of Being’ as Secular-Sacred Epiphany”

Lorraine Sim (Western Sydney University, Australia),Moments of Being, Ethics and the Good Life”

F-S3. Feminist Spaces

Chair: Vicki Tromanhauser
Chat Moderator: Victoria Juarez

Jeanette McVicker (State University of New York at Fredonia, U.S.), “Woolfian Ethics and Heterotopias”

Elizabeth O’Toole (State University of New York at New Paltz, U.S.), “‘Wedge-Shaped Core of Darkness’: The Feminist Ethics of Woolf’s Unhappy Women”

Adriana Varga (Nevada State College, U.S.), “Jo Hamya’s Three Rooms and Virginia Woolf’s A Room of One’s Own: Ethical and Aesthetic Affinities in the Age of Brexit and the British Housing Crisis”

F-S4. Science and Ethics

Chair: Lucas Leite Borba
Chat Moderator: Kai Hinson

Daniel Martini (University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.), “The Beat of Woolf’s Ethics: A Cognitive Analysis of Between the Acts

Emilee Stenson (Independent Scholar, U.S.),Grants and a Lab of Her Own: A Woolfian Approach to Gender Disparities in Scientific Research Funding”

Betina Cunado (FLACSO-University of Buenos Aires, Argentina),Mrs. Dalloway's great-granddaughter: A story of her own”

4:30-5:00: Short break

5:00pm-6:30pm: Session G

G-S1. Who’s Afraid of William Shakespeare: Woolf Reading the Bard

Chair: Drew Shannon
Chat Moderator: Paola Brinkley

Maria A. Oliveira (Federal University of Paraíba, Brazil), “Shakespeare’s legacy in Virginia Woolf: A feminist revision”

Davi Pinho (Rio de Janeiro State University, Brazil),A Phantasmagorical Shakespearean Tradition in Virginia Woolf”

Elisa Kay Sparks (Clemson University, U.S.), “Finding Shakespeare’s ‘Mind of Winter’: Mulberries vs. Roses in Virginia Woolf’s Assessment of the Bard of Avon”

Suzanne Bellamy (Artist and Independent Scholar, Australia), “Shakespeare’s Sister”

G-S2. Woolfian Wisdoms

Chair: Diana Royer
Chat Moderator: Victoria Juarez

Lisa Coleman (Southeastern Oklahoma State University, U.S.), “Re-Reading A Room of One’s Own through the Lens of Buddhism; Or, Dharma’s Ethical Injunction to Act”

Nicola Apps (Southern Cross University, Australia), “i declare Peace on the World”

Jodie Medd (Carleton University, Canada), “Virginia Woolf’s Contemplative Pedagogies”

G-S3. Pedagogies of Resistance, Pedagogies of Response

Chair: Michael Hart
Chat Moderator: Mridula Sharma

Alice D. Keane (Queens College, City University of New York, U.S.), “Bloomsbury, Empire and Race: Approaches Toward an Ethical Pedagogy of Modernism”

Emily M. Hinnov (Great Bay Community College, U.S.), “‘Thinking Peace into Existence’: Teaching Virginia Woolf, Jessica Dismorr, and Elizabeth Bowen”

Kelly Svoboda (Duquesne University, Nevada State College, U.S.), “‘Ungrading’ as an Adjunct: Becoming Woolfian ‘Outsiders’”

G-S4. Relating, Repairing, Refiguring Trauma

Chair: James Bowen
Chat Moderator: Amy Smith

Jaeyeon Jeon (University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.),The Alternative Ethics of Becoming Trees in Mrs. Dalloway and The Vegetarian

David Eberly (Independent Scholar, U.S.),Two-Faced: Virginia Woolf, Moral Injury, and the Ethics of Trauma”

Jacqueline Dillion (Pepperdine University, U.S.),Teaching Mrs. Dalloway as a Pandemic Novel”

6:30pm-7:30pm: Social Hour