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Thursday, June 9

Links to sessions are embedded in their headings.

10:30am-12:00pm: Session A 

A-S1. Knowing and Not Knowing

Chair: Amy Smith
Chat Moderator: James Bowen

Madelyn Detloff (Miami University, U.S.), “On Not Knowing Everything: Epistemic Humility as Ethical Action in Woolf’s Critical Writing”

Michael Hart (Lane College, U.S), “‘That Detestable Place’: Virginia Woolf, Cambridge, and the Ethics of Education”

Heather Milligan (University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK), “‘Nothing is proved, nothing is known’: The Ethics of Virginia Woolf’s Scepticism”

A-S2. Literary Afterlife: Memorials and Relics

Chair: Vicki Tromanhauser
Chat Moderator: Reilly Smith

Jane de Gay (Leeds Trinity University, England, UK), Virginia Woolf and the Ethics of the Afterlife”

Emily Kopley (McGill University, Canada), “Leslie Stephen’s ‘Wordsworth’s Ethics,’ Virginia Stephen’s 1902 Edition of Wordsworth, and Vanessa Bell’s Cover for To the Lighthouse

Stella Deen (State University of New York at New Paltz, U.S.), “Reading to Rescue Forgotten Lives”

A-S3. Woolf and Her Philosophical Contemporaries 

Chair: Jeanette McVicker
Chat Moderator: Victoria Juarez

Veronika Krajíčková (University of South Bohemia, Czech Republic), “Virginia Woolf’s Beauty-Oriented Ethics and Ecology” 

Mary C. Brunelli (The City University of New York, U.S.), “Penumbral Passages and the Pattern Behind the Cotton Wool: A comparative analysis of ‘The Sun and the Fish’ by Virginia Woolf and ‘The Stream of Thought’ by William James”

Marieke Krynauw (University of Pretoria, South Africa), “Compositions of Aesthetics and Intimacy in To the Lighthouse

A-S4. Things, Objects, Forms

Chair: Peter Adkins
Chat Moderator: Sharon Joffe

Alyson Cook (University of Saskatchewan, Canada), “ReDefining the Object: Vital Matter and Woolf’s Critique of War in ‘The Mark on the Wall’”

Leanna Lostoski-Ho (University of New Hampshire, U.S.), “Pointz Hall as Hyperobject: Woolf’s Deep Geological History in Between the Acts

Mary Wang (National Normal Taiwan University, Taiwan), “‘He Was of the Rare Order of Objects’: Woolf’s Ethical Form and Ethical Affinity in Flush

12:00pm-1:00pm: Long break (IVWS Business Meeting)

1:00pm-2:30pm: Plenary I: “Virginia Woolf's Reparative Ethics”

Elsa Högberg (Uppsala University, Sweden)

2:30pm-3:00pm: Short break

Madelyn Detloff, Chair

Woolf's Legacies: Women's Rights & Activism

A Conversation with Anna Rupani & Nneka Iheanacho

3:00pm-4:30pm: Session B

B-S1. Ethical Quests & Contexts: Leslie Stephen, Woolf’s “A Society” & The Search Society

Chair: Jeanne Dubino
Chat Moderator: Vara Neverow

Leslie Kathleen Hankins (Cornell College, U.S.), “Contempt & Appropriation? or Ethical Comedy & Activist Aesthetics? A Centenary Edition of Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Society’”

Diane Gillespie (Washington State University, U.S.),Virginia Woolf's 'A Society,' the Search Society's The Search, and the pursuit of 'Good' and 'True'”

Eleanor McNees (University of Denver, U.S.), “Ethics and the Essayist: Leslie Stephen and Virginia Woolf”

B-S2. Women and Power

Chair: Eret Talviste
Chat Moderator: Amy Smith

Ann Martin (University of Saskatchewan, Canada), “Woolf’s Society Women: The Ethics of Use(fulness)”

Kai Hinson (Lamar University, U.S.), “The Goddess of Empire: Lady Bruton as an Athena Figure in Mrs. Dalloway

Marlene Briggs (University of British Columbia, Canada), “The Way Forward? (Trans)historical Fascism, Global Heating, and the Feminist Ethics of Indifference in Three Guineas (1938) and Our House is on Fire (2020)”

B-S3. Publishing a Scholarly Book: A Roundtable

Chair: Benjamin Hagen
Chat Moderator: Reilly Smith

James Gifford, Fairleigh Dickinson University Press

Stephanye Hunter, University Press of Florida

Ana Maria Jimenez-Moreno, The Ohio State University Press

John Morgenstern, Clemson University Press

B-S4. Leonard Woolf: The Man, the Feminist, the Socialist

Chair: Jane de Gay
Chat Moderator: Mark Hussey

Peter Stansky (Stanford University, U.S.), “Is Leonard Woolf Under-valued?”

Marielle O’Neill (Leeds Trinity University, England, UK), “From the Parlour to Parliament: Margaret Llewelyn Davies, Leonard and Virginia Woolf and the Women’s Co-operative Guild”

Anne Byrne (National University of Ireland, Galway, Ireland), “The pleasure of letters: the correspondence of Leonard Woolf and Nancy Nolan”

4:30pm-5:00pm: Short break

5:00pm-6:30pm: Session C

C-S1. Coming Together, Coming Apart

Chair: Laci Mattison
Chat Moderator: Paola Brinkley

Thomas Jurkiewicz (University of Sydney, Australia), “The Hermeneutic Ethics of Narrative Voice in To the Lighthouse

Laura Tscherry (Indiana University, Bloomington, U.S.), “Kaleidoscopic Space: Jacob’s Room and The Waves

Whitney Gaskell (Florida Gulf Coast University, U.S.), “Louis’s and Rhoda’s Escapist Masturbation in The Waves

C-S2. Writing Ethically / Ethical Writing

Chair: Claire Battershill
Chat Moderator: Casey Ford

Julia Dallaway (Oxford University, England, UK), “‘Floating Incidents’: The Ethics of Essayistic Life-Writing in Woolf’s ‘A Sketch of the Past’”

Elizabeth Mackinlay (Southern Cross University, Australia) & Karen Madden (University of Queensland, Australia), “‘Could she see her?’ Writing ethically as feminist autoethnographers with Virginia Woolf”

Pamela L. Caughie (Loyola University Chicago, U.S.), “Woolf’s Ethical Prose”

C-S3. The Ethics of Life Writing

Chair: Laura Cernat
Chat Moderator: Maria Rita Drummond Viana

Chunhui Lu (University of New South Wales, Australia), “Orlando, and Intimacy, and the ‘Cruelty Optimism’ of Life Writing”

Todd Avery (University of Massachusetts Lowell, U.S.), “‘Biofiction, the New Biography, and the Ethics of the Fact’” 

Andy Koenig (Harvard University, U.S.), “‘Virginia Woolf and the Fraught Ethics of Biography’” 

C-S4. Negotiating Class, Crafting Intimacies

Chair: Diana Royer
Chat Moderator: Sharon Joffe

Tomo Nakadoi (Nagoya University of Foreign Studies, Japan), “Enfolding Metaphors in To the Lighthouse

Jeanne Dubino (Appalachian State University, U.S.), “‘Unkempt, Uncollared, and Living in a Gutter: The Street Dogs in Flush’” 

Aili Pettersson Peeker (University of California, Santa Barbara, U.S.), “Crosby, Sands, and McNab: Woolf Writing Working Women”

6:30pm-7:30pm: Thursday Social Hour