Damián Robles, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Spanish


Damian Robles holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Hispanic Studies, Spanish Linguistics and Literature tracks, from Texas A&M University; and a Bachelor of Arts in three areas: Spanish, Romance Linguistics (Self-Designed), and French Studies (Self-Designed); with a minor in Italian, from The College of New Jersey. He taught previously at Texas A&M and the University of Miami before coming to LU.

He has published two co-authored manuscripts: the first examines code-switching or code-mixing in Texan popular music; and the second investigates lexical borrowing in the language of technology and fashion and beauty.

Dr. Robles' dissertation focused on historical contrastive pragmatics by analyzing forms of address (of second-person pronouns) and impoliteness phenomena (vocatives of insults) in Cervantes' work and the first known Early Modern English translation of Don Quixote (1607-1620).


Office: Maes 21
Phone: (409) 880-8557


Courses Taught

Spanish I, Early and Intermediate (SPAN 1311, 2311)
Spanish II, Early and Intermediate (SPAN 1312, 2312)
Advanced Spanish Grammar and Composition (SPAN 3310)
Spanish Linguistics (SPAN 4370)
Advanced Conversational Topics (SPAN 43870)