Theresa L. Ener, M.A.

Managing Editor, LU Literary Press; Instructor of English

Theresa Ener graduated from Lamar University with a B.A. in English (2015) and an M.A. in English (2017). She served as an intern with Lamar University Literary Press both as an undergrad and a grad student. In the fall of 2019, she joined LU as a full-time instructor of English and is the managing editor of LU Literary Press. She also serves as the Faculty Managing Editor for Pulse, LU's student literary magazine, and as Editorial Assistant for Review of Texas Books. Her poetry and short fiction have been published in Pulse, Poetry from Texas College Students, Fiction from Texas College Students, and Texas's Best Emerging Poets (2017 and 2019) editions. She also had a scholarly essay published in Lamar Journal of Humanities.


Office: Maes 40
Phone: (409) 880-8567

Courses Taught

English 0301 (Basic Writing)
English 1301 (Composition I)
English 1302 (Composition II)