Karen Bartlett, M.A.

Instructor of English

Karen was born in Memphis, Tennessee, and was raised and lives in Southeast Texas.


Office: Maes 43
Phone: (409) 880-7782

Courses Taught

Dual Credit/HEH/ACP English 1301 and English 2322
Literature 2326
Literature 2331
Distance Education - Freshman and Sophmore English
English 1301
English 1302
DWRT 0371/ENGL 0301

Professional Experience

  • Blackboard Workshops, Beaumont, TX 2009-2015
  • Texas Association of Creative Writing Teacher's Conference, Houston, TX. September 2007
    • Chair of session and reaching of original work, "Devil Woman."
  • Texas Association of Creative Teacher's Conference, San Angelo, TX. September 2006
    • Chair of session for fiction and poetry reading
  • Southern Writers/Southern Writing Graduate Conference, Oxford, MS. July 2004.
    • Presented Hurricanes, Swampland and Gumbo Mud: Louisiana's Place in Southern Literature, with a focus on how place creates identity in Kate Chopin's The Awakening.
  • Dallas Goethe Center, January 2003.
    • Poetry/Fiction reading of translated German texts
  • Texas Association of Creative Writing Teacher's Conference, Beaumont, TX. September 2002.
    • Participant in panel discussion on creative writing pedagogy, with a focus on pedagogical approaches in playwriting.
  • Dallas Goethe Center, September 2002.
    • Read translation of German poetic and scholarly works.
  • Computers and Writing Conference. Illinois State University, Normal, Ill. May 2002.
    • Participant in panel discussion on teaching, writing, and publishing with new media technologies, with a focus on employing visual and performance elements
  • SW/Texas PCA/ACA Conference. Albuquerque, NM. February 2002
    • Participant in panel discussion on humor in literature, with a focus on how humor is used to underscore the serious situations in Sam Shepard's True West.
  • Performed, directed, or choreographed in over 25 university, college, and community theatre productions since 1991. 


First Year Curriculum Committee - Fall 2018-present
Hiring Committee, Instructor position - Summer 2018
PNG Reflections Literary Contest Judge - Fall 2015
Texas Academy of Leadership Mentor - Fall 2012-Spring 2013
Lead Instructor of ACP/HEH British Literature - Spring 2011
Lead Instructor of ACP/HEH English 1301 - Summer 2010
Assessment Committee for General Studies - Spring 2010
ACES Development Committee of Comp 1302 - Fall 2009
Arts and Sciences Council Committee - 2008-2011
Academic Advising Committee - Spring 2008
Assessment Committee for SACS 2007-present
CLEP grading committee - 20017-present

Awards and Honors

ACUE Certification for Effective Teaching Practices - Fall 2019-Spring 2020 Cohort
TLE Best Practices for Online Learning Experiences - Spring 2018
Awarded a teaching grant for innovative teaching - Fall 2008