President's Circle

Lamar University AdvancementThe Lamar University President’s Circle was established by the university’s 15th president, Dr. Kenneth R. Evans, to honor and recognize individuals who have made a commitment to the success of Lamar students.  Donors support the strategic priorities that are most meaningful to them. 

Individual donors are touching lives every day with gifts that support academics, scholarships, research, internships, and more.  Members of the President’s Circle are taking the lead among Lamar’s most important supporters with their generous commitment. 

President’s Circle members will be afforded special privileges which include special communications, preferred seating at some university events, invitations to special activities and unique opportunities to interact with students.  Membership is open to individuals making personal gifts, or gifts through family foundations.  Each membership level may be met through a single contribution (qualifies for that level membership for a five year period) or though a pledge of five annual payments.  Gifts received beginning June 1, 2013 may be included towards any membership level.

Levels of Membership

Spindletop Society members have made contributions totaling $1 million or more

Single contribution of $250,000, or an investment of $50,000 annually for 5 years

Single contribution of $100,000, or an investment of $20,000 annually for 5 years

Single contribution of $50,000, or an investment of $10,000 annually for 5 years

Single contribution of $25,000, or an investment of $5,000 annually for 5 years

Single contribution of $12,500, or an investment of $2,500 annually for 5 years

Silver – Young Alumni (10 years or less from your first degree)
Single contribution of $6,250, or an investment of $1,250 annually for 5 years

Members of the President's Circle


Dr. and Mrs. Larry C. Acker
Mr. and Mrs. Henry W. Adams
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Aldredge
Mr. and Mrs. James Alexander
Mr. John E. Alexander
Mr. Robert L. Alspaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Atnip


Mr. and Mrs. F. Raymon Bean, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Bertrand
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Best
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua M. Bonura
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bonura
Mr. S. Gerard Bonura
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Booker
Dr. and Mrs. Brent W. Bost
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Bost, Jr.
The Honorable and Mrs. Jeff R. Branick
Mr. and Mrs. Brad Brown
Mrs. Alice A Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Burrow
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory A. Byrd


Mr. and Mrs. Nick Carter
Dr. Tamerla D. Chavis
Mr. and Mrs. Billy Cheshire
Mr. Russell J. Chimeno and Mr. Dean M. Terrebonne
Dr. Sudha and Mr. Srini Chittaluru
Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Clark
Mrs. Joanna E. Clark
Mr. Rob Clark and Mr. Jerry L. Thacker
The Honorable Ron Clark
Ms. Sandra F. Clark
Dr. and Mrs. Alan B. Coleman
Mrs. Laura W. Cook
Mr. and Mrs. Grady H. Crawford, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Colby C. Crenshaw
Mr. and Mrs. Will B. Crenshaw
Mrs. Mary Louise Crim


Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Daleo
Dr. Josh Daspit
Ms. Robin R. Dauphin
Dr. Jane S. Davidson
Mr. Jerry C. Dearing
*Mr. George A. Dishman, Jr. and Mrs. Judy G. Dishman
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Dishman
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Domino
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Drayer
Dr. and Mrs. Jerry R. Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon G. Durden
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Duty
Mr. and Mrs. Byron F. Dyer, Jr.


Mr. Larry D. Eastepp
Ms. Terri Elliott
Dr. Grace D. England
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Escamilla
*Mrs. Nancy W. Evans and Dr. Kenneth R. Evans


*Mrs. Debbie Falgout and Mr. Louis A. Falgout
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Fecel
*Mr. William T. Fitzgerald
Dr. and Mrs. Mike Fuljenz
Ms. Kay M. Fuller
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip E. Fuller
Ms. Becky Fussell


Ms. Mimi Gammill
*Dr. Charles L. Garrett and Dr. Eleanor P. Garrett
Dr. Eleanor P. Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Garth
Mr. Arthur E. Geers
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony D. George
Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Giglio
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Gilby
Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Gill
Dr. H. Stephen Grace, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Grantham
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Green
Mr. and Mrs. Jan M. Greenspan
Mr. and Mrs. S.L. Greenberg
Mr. Edward L. Gunderson


Mr. and Mrs. Dan S. Hallmark
Ms. Judy A. Hammond
Mrs. Amy S. Hancock
Drs. Monica and William Harn
Mr. Marvin E. "Butch" Hayes
Mr. and Mrs. Alton D. Heckaman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey C. Hembree
Mr. Butch Henderson
Mr. and Mrs. Hunter W. Henry
Drs. Jennifer and Omar Hernandez
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hile
Dr. and Mrs. George J. Hirasaki
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Hoffman
Mr. Edwin J. Hogenson
Dr. and Mrs. Larry Holly
Mrs. Gisela R, Houseman
*Mr. Jon M. Huntsman, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Hutson


*Dr. and Mrs. Herman R. Iles
Dr. Peter C. Isaac


Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jenkins
Ms. Maxine Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Jones
The Honorable and Mrs. Ransom W. Jones, Jr.
Ms. Carmen Jordan
Ms. Charlotte M. Jungen


Dr. Sallye J. Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Kiefer
Mr. and Mrs. Joe D. Koshkin


Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Lau
Mr. Larry W. Lawson
Ms. Aimee S. Lieby and Mr. Eric L. Weatherford
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lindsay
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Locke
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred H. Long, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Lovoi
Dr. and Mrs. Don M. Lyle


Mr. and Mrs. Arun H. Magia
Mrs. Betty L. Mahlmann
Mr. and Mrs. Don C. Marshall
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Mason
Mr. Chuck Mazoch
Mr. and Mrs. Roger D. McCurry
Dr. and Mrs. Bob McLendon
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd F. McSpadden, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Cruse D. Melvin
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mitchell
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Monger
*Mrs. Mary M. Moore and Mr. Ray M. Moore
Mr. and Mrs. Glen W. Morgan
Mrs. Patsy E. Morphew
Dr. and Mrs. Terry Morris


Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Neighbors
Dr. and Mrs. Sina K. Nejad
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Ness
Mrs. Ynhi D. Nguyen
Dr. Brenda and Mr. Harry D. Nichols
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Norwood


Mr. R. Ray Orrill, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Hermann H. Ortega


Dr. Damara G. Paris
Mr. and Mrs. J. Pat Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Parsons
Dr. and Mrs. Garrett K. Peel
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Pierson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronnie Platt
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Price
Mr. and Mrs. Doak C. Procter III


Mr. Wayne Reaud
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Reese
Mr. and Mrs. Rod Rice
Dr. Anita L. Riddle and Dr. Steven P. Schmidt
Mrs. Jill Bogan Risley and Mr. Allyn W. Risley
Mr. and Mrs. Denny Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Robins
Mr. and Mrs. Rocky R. Roden
Mr. Roland X. Rodriguez and Ms. Linda Gonzalez
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Roebuck, Sr.
Dr. Regina J. Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Larry A. Rose
Mrs. Willa N. Ross


Dr. and Mrs. Russ A. Schultz
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Scott
Mr. and Mrs. Don S. Shaver
Mr. and Mrs. Bart Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel L. Simmons
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Kacey B. Smart
Mr. and Mrs. J. Mark Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Dan F. Smith
Ms. Vicki L. Spitznagle and Mr. Benny F. Wilkinson
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Stafford
Dr. Bette A. Stead
*Mrs. Janie Steinhagen and Mr. Mark Steinhagen
Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. Steinhagen
Mr. and Mrs. Henry I. Strait


Mrs. Gerri G. Talbot
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Thacker III
Mr. and Mrs. Willis W. Thames II
Mr. and Mrs. Skylar Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Tortorice, Jr.


Mr. and Mrs. Walter Umphrey


Dr. Enrique (Henry) Venta
Mr. Fred R. Vernon II
Mr. and Mrs. Joe C. Vernon
Ms. Donna D. Verret


Dr. J. Don Warren, Jr. and Ms. Judith A. Johnston
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Bruzzy Westheimer
Mr. and Mrs. Ted W. Wiggins
Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Williams, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Herman T. Wilson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Withers
Mr. and Mrs. James W. Womack
Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Woodcox
The Honorable and Mrs. Bob Wortham