Legacy Society

The Lamar University Legacy Society recognizes and honors donors who have established planned gifts (such as bequests in wills or trusts, beneficiary gifts of retirement accounts or life insurance, charitable gift annuities, or charitable trusts) to benefit Lamar University. These donors have chosen to take advantage of various charitable giving vehicles in ways that enable them to impact the Lamar University community and leave a legacy! Recognition as a member of this distinguished group is especially important because others may be inspired to make similar planned gifts. Of course, we will respect your wishes for anonymity if that is your preference.

Members of the Legacy Society:

Mr. and Mrs. Mike Aldredge
Mr. David J. Beck
*Mrs. Claudia Nelson Bellah
Dr. Gregory W. Bischoff
Mr. Bradley G. Bishop
Mr. Gerard Bonura
*Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Booker 
Mr. Ed G. Boutte, Jr.
*Ms. Joan E. Brenizer
Mr. Mark S. Browning
*Mrs. Beatrice R. Buller
Mr. King A. Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis E. Carl
*Dr. Joseph B. Carlucci
*Mr. and Mrs. Morris S. Cloninger
Mr. William E. Colburn
Dr. Mary Evelyn Collins
*Dr. Jane and Mr. Horace C. Davidson, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Barry J. Davis
*Dr. Irving O. Dawson
*Mr. Frederic F. Day
*Mr. George A. Dishman, Jr.
Mrs. Judy G. Dishman
Dr. Karen K. Dittert
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Domino
Mr. Keith Dorman
Mr. and Mrs. Phil Drayer
*Mr. Weldon B. Drennan, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Dubose
Mr. and Mrs. Milton J. Dunnam
*Mr. Byron F. Dyer, Jr.
Mrs. Connie M. Dyer
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ebanks
Mrs. Linda C. Elissalde
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Eveland
*Mrs. Mary Ann Faust
*Mr. and Mrs. Robert G. Finch
Jane C.K. Fitch, MD and Johnny E. Fitch, Jr., PE, MBA
Dr. and Mrs. Dennis K. Flaherty
Ms. Cynthia H. Fontenot
Mr. Troy Fontenote
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Frank
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy J. Frank
*Mr. Julian M. Galiano
*Mr. Arthur E. Geers
Dr. and Mrs. Jack M. Gill
Drs. Lisa and Charles Gongre
*Mr. and Mrs. Rex Goode
Mrs. Charlotte Graves
*Mr. Ronald P. Graves
*Mrs. Julia Gordon Gray
Ms. Christi L. Grudier
*Ms. Norma S. Hall
Ms. Judy A. Hammond
Dr. Ann Die Hasselmo
*Mrs. Josephine C. Hebert
*Mr. Wilbur A. Hebert
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Hefty
Dr. Mark Honea
*Mrs. Joan Houston
*Mrs. Marie Hubbard
*Ms. Evelyn Northcutt Hustmyre
*Ms. Lucille F. Jarisch
*Mrs. Helen D. Johnsen
Ms. Maxine Johnston
Mrs. Harriet Miller Jones and Dr. Terry Randall Jones
Ms. Ellen B. Jordahn
Ms. Charlotte M. Jungen

*Dr. Sallye J. Keith
Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Kulpa
Mr. Jacques A. Landry
Mr. Larry W. Lawson
Mrs. Jerry LeBlanc
*Mr. William J. LeBlanc 
*Mr. and Mrs. M.L. Lefler, Jr.
 Mrs. Charlene M. Leonard
*Mr. W. S. "Bud" Leonard
 Mr. J. T. Leone
*Ms. Vivian Liddell
Mr. and Mrs. Wilfred H. Long, Jr.
Ms. Claudia P. Ludwig
Dr. and Mrs. Don M. Lyle
*Mr. John Robert Mansinger
*Mr. Ralph D. Massey
Mrs. Sharon K. McCabe
*Mr. Lorenzo McCoy
Dr. and Mrs. Bob McLendon
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd F. McSpadden, Jr.
Dr. George L. Mehaffy
*Dr. Marilyn M. Mehaffy
Mr. and Mrs. Charles I. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Mitchell
Mr. Mark M. Moore
*Mrs. Mary M. Moore
Mr. Ray M. Moore
Mrs. Patsy E. Morphew
*Dr. Sam W. Morphew
*Mrs. Nell P. Morris
Dr. Terry Morris
*Ms. Jessie M. Moss
Mr. Michael C. Neel
Dr. and Mrs. Sina K. Nejad
*Dr. Jack Orrick, Jr.
Dr. Donald Owen
Mrs. Micki Carpenter Platt
*Ms. Jane Plumley
*Mrs. Margaret A. Randall
Mrs. Ellen W. Rienstra
Mrs. Grace Riley
*Mrs. Yvonne Ritter
Mrs. Willa N. Ross
*Mr. Jerry P. Rudd
Mrs. Martha J. Salim
*Ms. Chloe D. Scott
The Honorable Hyattye O. Simmons
Dr. and Mrs. James M. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Dan F. Smith
Ms. Patricia A. Snyder
*Mrs. Janie Steinhagen
Mr. Mark Steinhagen
Mr. and Mrs. Roy N. Steinhagen
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Stirling
Mr. Michael E. Tardy
Dr. and Mrs. James L. Thomas
*Dr. R. Blaine Thomas
*Mr. Harry L. Thompson
Ms. Geraldine M. Thorn
Mr. and Mrs. David W. Trammell
*Mrs. Piroska B. Tullos
Mr. and Mrs. Bill L. Urquhart
*Mr. Homer L. Walles
*Mrs. Sue S. Weisenfelder
Ms. Katy Wells
*Mr. Charlie Wickersham
Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Williams, Jr.
Mrs. Helen Williams
*Mr. Rudy C. Williams
Mrs. Lorna A. Wong

* - deceased