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You and Lamar University. A lifelong relationship.

The Office of Alumni Affairs is your connection.

Your support helps to keep that connection alive. The day you graduate, you automatically become a Lamar University alumnus and an ambassador for the university in your community. Nothing we have ever achieved at LU would have happened without the active support and engagement of our dedicated alumni.

We need your support - whether it be through volunteerism, advocacy or monetary. Your help will enable us to provide relevant, interactive programs that will foster lifelong relationships between the University and its alumni, promote a culture of giving and service among LU graduates, and create opportunities for alumni to share their experiences and expertise with students, who are our future alumni.

As an alumnus, your ongoing involvement with Lamar University has never been more important. Whether your interest lies in involvement with alumni activities or connecting to Lamar University through a university-wide program in your specific college or department, we seek your support. Our students welcome your presence at social events and in the audience, stadium, classroom, ballpark and arena.

Thank you for considering a gift to Lamar University. Your support is an integral part of our success.