LU Black Alumni Network


Lamar University Black Alumni Network

The Lamar University Black Alumni Network, chartered in 2021, exists to cultivate an environment where Black Alumni can be celebrated, connected, and supported throughout their lifetime. The Black Alumni Network unites the presence of alumni and students of the LU community through efforts with the Office of Alumni Affairs, establishing relationships, connections and opportunities for Black alumni and students. Our goals include:

  • Providing opportunity for networking and professional development
  • Providing support to the greater Lamar University community through volunteer opportunities
  • Connecting to current students and Lamar University
  • Increasing the number of active alumni

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Public Relations/Communications Committee:

  • Manages social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Create graphics for LU Black Alumni Network hosted events
  • Implement new ideas to keep alumni and friends engaged with the network through communications
  • Develop alumni spotlights
  • Share good news and information about fellow LU Black Alumni

Homecoming Committee:

  • Plan the organizational events centered around LU's Homecoming
  • Organize Homecoming LU Black Alumni Network Tailgate
  • Plan the annual Homecoming Scholarship Gala
  • Create the master schedule of events for LU Homecoming Weekend

Mentorship Committee:

  • Facilitate the LU Black Alumni Network mentorship program
  • Plan events that the LU Black Alumni Network will host specifically for current Cardinals
  • Connect with faculty/staff at LU to ensure the LU Black Alumni Network is capturing students who would benefit from the program
  • Connect with alumni who want to be involved with mentoring students

Membership Engagement Committee:

  • Plan social events to connect members of the Black Alumni Network in different cities
  • Plan volunteer opportunities for members of the Black Alumni Network
  • Keep alumni informed of important news from Lamar University
  • Coordinate which athletic events Black Alumni Network will concentrate on attending

Professional Development Committee:

  • Plan events around professionally equipping and empowering our alumni for the workforce and entrepreneurship
  • Connect alumni with resources they can take advantage of at Lamar University

Executive Board

  • Aaron Lavergne '17, President
  • Michael Jennings '92, Vice President
  • Dominique Edwards '14, '16, Secretary
  • Jazmon (Snow) Rhone '20, '21, Treasurer & Financial Chair
  • Dylan Moses-Bennett '11, Homecoming Committee Chair
  • Derion Young '19, '21, Professional Development Chair
  • JR Richardson '92, Communications Chair
  • Terry Savoy-Hadley '95, Membership Chair
  • Kelsi Caicedo '15, Mentorship Chair
  • Karen (Jones) Thomas '77, '09, Board Advisor

Upcoming Events

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Committee Meetings


Monthly Meeting

Virtual Meeting Link


PR/Communications First Thursday of the Month 6:30PM CST Google Meet J.R. Richardson
Fundraising Second Monday of the Month 7:30 PM CST Google Meet Jazmon Rhone
Professional Development First Monday of the Month 6:30 PM CST Google Meet Derion Young
Membership Engagement First Monday of the Month 7:30 PM CST Google Meet Terry Savoy-Hadley
Homecoming First Tuesday of the Month 6:00 PM CST Google Meet Dylan Moses-Bennett
Mentorship First Tuesday of the Month 7:30 PM CST Google Meet Kelsi Caicedo

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Disclaimer: We are a network, independent and separately organized from Lamar University. Lamar University and associated logos are used with the permission of Lamar University. The views expressed herein are not the official positions, statements of advice nor opinions of Lamar University and should not be viewed as an endorsement by the University of any such views or statements. All rights are reserved.