LU Official Class Ring

Lamar University celebrates the rich traditions that define what it means to be a member of the LU family. The lifelong connection begins the moment students register for their first class.

The Lamar University ring is a symbol of that connection and represents the accomplishments and experiences of your college years. The Lamar University ring will remind you of your pride in LU long after you leave the campus, and will demonstrate that pride to others.

Education is an honor. Graduates of Lamar University represent the tremendous opportunity available to bright, well-educated individuals as well as the impact of these graduates on their communities.

As a constant reminder of the achievements of Lamar University alumni and of the traditions that connect all graduates of our institution, we are pleased to offer the Official Lamar University Class Ring.

The ring evokes strong memories of the traditions and occasions of Lamar University – the fight song, “Let’s Go Big Red!”, the Mirabeau B. Lamar bust on the quadrangle, and all of the academic and student buildings that represent the vibrant and energetic life of the campus and of the students whose futures are shaped there every day. The ring is a symbolic link to Lamar University.

The ring is reserved exclusively for those who have successfully met the University standards. The ring was designed by a group of Lamar University students, alumni and administrators and will remain unchanged in the university’s future.

You have earned the right to wear this ring by your hard work and perseverance. When you proudly wear the ring, you will display to all of the world your accomplishments and your connection to your alma mater.

I invite you to become a part of this important tradition and forge a visible and permanent link to Lamar University. Wear your official Lamar University ring proudly.

With Cardinal Pride,

Shannon Copeland Figueroa '02, '03, '07
Lamar University Office of Alumni Affairs