Bachelor's Degree in Nutrition

Department of Nutrition, Hospitality and Human Services

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major: Nutrition
Hours: 120

Bachelor of Science - NDHA: Nutrition Track

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Degree Description

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition from Lamar University, you might work as a public health nutritionist in government agencies dedicated to improving the nutritional health of various groups, such as pregnant women, infants, young children or the elderly.

You might also provide education and counseling to healthy people of all ages desiring to improve their overall nutritional health and wellness. You may go into business for yourself, providing nutrition education to individuals and groups or you may find yourself suited to a management position in commercial and institutional food service.

Why Study Nutrition at Lamar?

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science Degree in Nutrition may suit you if you want to focus on nutrition but are not interested in becoming a registered dietitian. The curriculum includes general nutrition, community nutrition, nutrition through the life cycle, nutrition assessment and counseling and medical nutritional therapy.

Watch the faculty interview to learn more about this program and the Department of Nutrition, Hospitality and Human Services. 

Career Paths

There are distinct differences between nutritionists and dietitians. However, much of the data pertaining to the salaries are similar, so here we show the Bureau of Labor Statistics's combined salary information for this guide. There are several factors that play into your potential salary such as level of education, industry, experience and location of where you work. The BLS reported that most salaries for nutritionists and dietitians ranged from $35,240 – $80,950, with the median being $57,910 in 2015 (national). With such a large range to account for, it makes sense that your education and where you choose to work and live can have a great impact on your salary. 

Primary Careers

Public health nutritionist, nutrition counselor, private consultant

Career Areas

  • Public nutrition
  • Education and counseling
  • Consulting
  • Elder/childcare

Median Salary


Types of Employers

  • Concerned groups and individuals
  • Human resources departments
  • Health care facilities
  • Schools and universities

Meet the Faculty

ShowsDr. Amy Shows, RDN
Program Director
jill-killoughDr. Jill Killough, RDN, LD
Department Chair
RuizDr. Connie Ruiz, RDN, LD
Associate Professor
Nutrition and Dietetics
Faculty Member NameDr. Jau-Jiin Chen, RDN
Nutrition and Dietetics