Bachelor's Degree in Exercise Science

Department of Health and Kinesiology

Degree Description

Pursue the Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science at Lamar University to follow your interest in the science of physical kinesis and how our bodies work to sustain themselves.
The program sequence is designed to satisfy the prerequisites for additional professional training in medicine (physicians), physical therapy, occupational therapy, physician assistant and law, or to pursue graduate studies in exercise and basic sciences, to mention a few. 

Why Study Exercise Science at Lamar?

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science Degree in Exercise Science prepares you by providing a strong background in exercise and basic sciences, nutrition, psychology, principles of disease, exercise prescription, measurement and laboratory techniques.
One of our highest priorities is to provide you with hands-on experiences, focusing on the many diverse issues and challenges placed upon the human body. You'll take courses in everything from psychology to the metabolic effects of exercise and from nutrition to neuromuscular physiology.
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Career Paths

Your degree in exercise science will qualify you as an excellent candidate for a career in corporate or community wellness/fitness, personal training, cardiac/pulmonary rehabilitation, athletic training and aligned professions.

Primary Careers

Athletic Trainer, Coach, Personal Trainer

Meet the Faculty

Faculty Member NameDr. Barbara Hernandez
Faculty Member NameDr. Douglas Boatwright
Faculty Member NameKimberly T. Gauthreaux
Clinical Instructor
Faculty Member NameJeanne Mullican
Clinical Instructor