Bachelor's Degree in Marketing

Department of Management, Marketing and Human Resources

Degree Description

The Lamar University Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing prepares you, through theoretical study and practical experience, for a career in the movement of goods and services. Your coursework will cover core principles in fields like finance and accounting in addition to advertising topics like consumer behavior, pricing theory and import/export. Depending upon your goals and academic objectives, you may choose to spend some time studying abroad.


Why Study Marketing at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Business Administration Degree in Marketing at Lamar University is an ideal place to begin building your professional network. In addition to your traditional study, you'll have access to student organizations, internships and professional networking opportunities throughout your time in the LU College of Business.
With next-door access to many international chemical and refining companies, shipping firms, logistics operations and related companies, Lamar University offers a great deal of added value to an already advantageous degree.

Career Paths

According to the American Marketing Association, almost a third of all Americans are employed in marketing-related positions. Marketing specialists are employed in virtually every industry. Employment for marketing managers is expected to grow 13% and advertising and promotion managers are projected to grow 7% through 2022.

Primary Careers

Advertising Executive, Marketing Manager, Promotions and Sales