Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Technology

Department of Industrial Engineering

Degree Description

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology (BSIT) deals not only with things but also with people, finance, information and the environment. Industrial Technology answers complex questions: How can we improve safety, quality, productivity and service? What products or services should we offer? What price should we charge? What materials and methods should we use? How can we best motivate and reward people? How much inventory do we need? Where should we locate our plants, stores and warehouse?


Why Study Industrial Technology at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology at Lamar University is 100% online and prepares you to work effectively in the engineer-technologist team and to assume management responsibilities. The program builds a degree focused on technology and management on top of an AAS degree with a technology focus.
It is possible for your to work full-time while completing this program. The first two years are typically based on a 2-year AAS degree, certifications at a technology program or military training. We accept students from technical two-year programs throughout the state and nation.

Career Paths

You will graduate from the BSIT program prepared for employment in technical and/or technical management professions in business, industry, education and government. The program uses a management-oriented technical curriculum balanced with studies from a variety of disciplines related to manufacturing and construction technology.

Primary Careers

Operations Manager, Quality Control Manager, Site Supervisor, Cost Estimator

Meet the Faculty

Gary Yentzen
Program Director, BSIT

Alberto Marquez, Ph.D., P.E.
Asst. Program Director, BSIT; Associate Professor
Berna Tokgoz, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Maryam Hamidi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor