Bachelor's Degree in English

Department of English and Modern Languages

Degree Description

Do English majors truly eat, breathe and think only about grammar and writing? Reimagine the Lamar University Bachelor of Arts Degree in English. It's time to rediscover the English degree as a degree in language that opens doors to practically any career you could dream of – and that includes professional writing, editing, publishing and teaching, but it also includes law, medicine, marketing, communications and service of all kinds. 

Why Study English at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Arts Degree in English at Lamar University is committed to fostering sound liberal arts academic experiences and preparing you to meet the educational, professional and cultural needs of the region and beyond. As a student, you'll be able to participate in department publications such as Lamar University Literary Press, Journal of Humanities, Pulse and Review of Texas Books.
You will graduate well-equipped to deal with the professional demands of many jobs, as you will become a great communicator who is trained to think analytically and interact effectively with people. To help with these occupational goals, our department tries to provide paid training for you in areas that you might use for further employment. You may also choose from four concentrations to enhance your degree: literature, writing, rhetoric/composition and teaching.
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Career Paths

English majors are often interested in becoming writers and teachers, but a B.A. in English is a valuable degree in a lot of areas. An English B.A. is often a prelude to law school and even medical and dental school. Doing well on LSATS will make an English major as competitive for law school as any other major; reading deftly, writing precisely, thinking critically and speaking well are important skills for a law career. Some of our students pursuing medical careers have double majors in English and biology or chemistry. Double majoring in English and economics is a good idea if you want to go into the business world, especially investment banking. The computer industry, government agencies, and businesses welcome English major. Writing and critical thinking skills make English majors excellent managers.

Primary Careers

Teacher, Journalist, Editor, Manager, Administrator

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