Bachelor's Degree in Physical Education Teacher Education

Department of Health and Kinesiology

Degree: Bachelor of Science
Major: Physical Education Teacher Education
Hours: 120

Kinesiology Bachelor Degree

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Degree Description

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education Teacher Education will empower you to be a dynamic, active individual in your community, one who is focused on the overall health and well-being of those around you. Our program is composed of three sections: health and kinesiology, professional pedagogy and professional activity. Majors typically opt for teacher certification through our Department of Teacher Education as they prepare to teach K-12.

Why Study Physical Education at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Science Degree in Physical Education Teacher Education at Lamar University is flexible so you can do what interests you the most, and while you're here, you'll learn about care and prevention, nutrition and diet, biomechanics, applied fitness concepts and strength and conditioning, among others. Through our program, you'll be prepared for a rewarding and challenging career as an educator and will have the opportunity to change lives for the better through a solid foundation of all that you've learned.

Watch the faculty interview to learn more about Lamar University's Kinesiology program.

Career Paths

This degree program culminates in teacher certification, so that you will be qualified as a Texas teacher for grades K-12. Other career options for kinesiology majors include jobs in public health, training and recreation.

Primary Careers

K-12 teacher, athletic trainer, coach

Career Areas

  • Education
  • Athletic training
  • Recreation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Consulting

Median Salary


Types of Employers

  • Public and private schools
  • Colleges and universities
  • Sports programs
  • Gyms and training facilities
  • Non-profit organizations