Bachelor's Degree in Biology

Department of Biology

Program Description

As the study of life, biology requires a thorough understanding of the underlying chemical and physical principles governing all life processes. The Lamar University Bachelor of Science in Biology program will equip you to enter the professions of medicine, dentistry or other related career paths. You'll be equally prepared for environmental or biotechnology-related careers in various governmental agencies, private companies or academia. 

Why Study Biology at Lamar?

The Bachelor of Science in Biology at Lamar University offers seven concentrations: cellular and molecular biology, ecology, aquatic biology, vertebrate or invertebrate zoology, pre-health professional and pre-medical technology. Watch the faculty interview to meet some of your professors and learn more about this program.

As part of your degree program, you will spend a significant amount of your educational time in the laboratory or field. By practicing methods and techniques, you can engage in internal research projects or be competitive for external summer research internships. After graduation, you can effectively compete for jobs or move into a graduate or professional program.

Career Paths

The study of biology at Lamar University includes coursework in botany, zoology, human anatomy and microbiology. You might complete an undergraduate degree in biology to prepare for a graduate program that leads to a career as a physician, veterinarian, pharmacist or physical therapist. You could also complete the four-year degree to excel in your existing career. However you choose to reach it, earning a B.S. in biology can lead to a number of different career paths.

Primary Careers

Lab Technician, Diagnostician, Pre-Med, Pre-Dent, Pre-Vet, Biology Teacher