Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Science

Department of Biology

Program Description

The Lamar University Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary program that will teach you to protect, monitor, manage, and improve the environment. The program combines study in biology, chemistry, geology, engineering and political science to prepare you for your career.

Why Study Environmental Science?

Graduates of the Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science at Lamar University have practical skills in the field and lab and real-life experience solving environmental problems. This degree program combines fundamental training in the basic sciences with broad training across several traditional disciplines to prepare you for employment or graduate study. You'll participate in an internship to integrate your academic preparation with actual work experience.

Career Paths

As an environmental science graduate, you will have career opportunities in regulatory agencies, industry, consulting firms, academia, government agencies, non-profit organizations, environmental consulting, water quality labs, agriculture and the biofuel industry.

Primary Careers

Environmental Science Technician, Pre-Law, Researcher