2020-21 Academic Year Research Grant

The Office of Undergraduate Research Grant Guidelines

The Office of Undergraduate Research(OUR) at Lamar University (LU) is seeking proposals from undergraduate students to support their research and creative activities.

The program is meant to encourage undergraduate students from all academic areas to participate in scholarly work mentored by at least one LU faculty member.

The work on this project should be unique in the sense that no part of it should be financially sponsored or accommodated by a different program (e.g. McNair, ASCENT, Honors etc.) at the time of submission. However, further development of the project beyond the end of the grant is highly encouraged.

The written proposal must be created and submitted by the student and approved by the faculty mentor(s). Each student, whose project is deemed meritorious, will be awarded a stipend of $500 and up to $1,000 for research support. All expenses must be documented and approved by the faculty advisor.



  • Undergraduate students enrolled in 12 hours or more both in Fall 2020 and Spring 2021 (Students enrolled in 9 hours either in Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 may be eligible to apply; however, a letter from the Chair of the student's major department must be accompanied with the proposal. The Chair needs to explain the special circumstances regarding the lower number of credit hours based on the degree plan of the student.)
  • CGPA: Minimum of 3.0 (Exceptional proposals from students with lower GPAs will also be considered.)
  • Must have at least one mentor
Application Deadline: October 10, 2020
Award Notification: October 26, 2020
Award Ceremony: October 30, 2020 from 1:30 - 3 p.m.

*Attendance at the award ceremony is required for all OUR Grant recipients*

Number of Awards: TBA

Disciplines: All majors

Spending Window: November 2020 - May 2021


The awardee must attend four events sponsored by the Office of Undergraduate Research (hereafter labeled O.U.R.) during the 2020-21 academic year.  The students are expected to join the Lamar Undergraduate Research Association (LAURA). This forum will identify the best events appropriate for the student recipient of the O.U.R. grants, including training for the EXPO event in April 2021, including how to make a poster and set up a good Power Point Presentation.  

Student Stipend

$500 paid in two installments. One-half will be paid at the end of the fall semester; the second half will be paid one week after the end of the spring semester.

Research Support

Up to $1,000 will be awarded for research support, which may include supplies, disposable costs, small equipment, software, analytical services, research-related travel, etc. Lamar University retains ownership of any equipment purchased with these funds.

Post-Grant Report

Awardees must submit a post-grant report on the project’s results. These reports are due on May 2021, and should include the following pieces: one-page summary of the work accomplished with O.U.R. support, including the results and a brief paragraph indicating the possible continuation of the project; a three-slide PowerPoint presentation designed to be understood by a general non-specialized audience; and one page with the summary of the expenses. This report should be sent by email to the O.U.R. office, cc to the mentor(s), and approved by the mentor(s) through an email response. Based on this report students will receive the second-half stipend of $250

Mandatory presentation at Lamar

The awardee must present a progress report on his/her research findings at the Lamar Undergraduate Research Expo, which will be held in April 2021 

Travel Support

Travel to present at a professional conference (outside Lamar) in one’s discipline requires a separate request to the O.U.R. Please send the request to Mr. Nirmal Gope (for information please call O.U.R. office at 409-880-8430, visit Chemistry 115A office or send an email to ngope@lamar.edu). Each travel request must have an I.R.B. already approved. The I.R.B. approval is in the responsibility of the student and mentor(s).

Review Guidelines

The Undergraduate Research Advisory Committee will use the following guidelines to assess proposals. Therefore,these guidelines should inspire and guide all students to prepare his/her research proposal.

  • The proposal has a research hypothesis or question that is interesting, appropriate for an undergraduate project, fresh, and significant for an undergraduate. The potential for future development of the project is another factor the committee will take into consideration.
  • Applicant explains his or her ideas in an organized and compelling way.
  • The applicant describes research methods that are appropriate to the discipline and the project.
  • The faculty mentor’s support letter strongly indicates that the research project is significant and gives strong evidence that the applicant has the qualifications to carry out the project successfully within the time period.The mentor should clearly indicate his/her level of mentorship for the respective project. The mentor will be requested to enforce the research ethics during his/her mentorship of the whole project. Also, he should take care of having the appropriate I.R.B. approval for the project.

Proposal Format

    • Submit the proposal electronically to:ngope@lamar.edu
    • Subject Line:
      "Undergrad Research-Student Grant 2020-21". All the submissions should be in one file with name as student's firstname_lastname_OUR_ proposal- 2020-21; for example:John_Smith_OUR_Proposal_ 2020-2021
    • The support letter from the mentor(s), which should be send directly from mentor with the subject line as student's firstname_lastname_OUR_ LOR_2020-21; for example John_Smith_OUR_LOR_2020-21.

    The deadline for submission of proposals is 11:59 pm CST, Saturday, October 10, 2020.

     Proposal Format

    1.  Cover Sheet

                           Title of the Proposal:

    Area of Research:HASBSEB(Humanities, Arts, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Education and Business) or STEM (Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Please consult with your mentor regarding your choice.  You may also look at the attached rubric to learn more about the specific requirements of these two areas. 

                          Email Address:

  •                       Topic of the Research:

    The Department/center/school: where this research project will be primarily done; this should not necessarily be the same with the student’s Major). This choice has to be wisely done, and also, carefully assessed and approved by the mentor in his/her letter of support so the credit for the research can be correctly attributed to the deserving department or center.

                         Faculty Mentor(s):
                         Faculty Mentor (s) Department(s):
                         Faculty Mentor Email:

     2.  Narrative

    •  An abstract of the proposed research project or creative activity project (maximum 100 words).
    • A short one-page resume.
    • A brief narrative describing the rationale for the project (maximum 500 words). This may include the significance of the proposed work, goals and expected products.

     3.  Budget and timeline (1-page max)

    •  A detailed budget including all categories of anticipated expenditures must accompany the proposal. Moreover, all additional funding sources previously involved in the proposed project, if any, must be disclosed.
    • Proposals must also include a brief timeline for accomplishing the project goals and development of any potential/expected products.
    • If student(s) has/have to print poster for presentation at various conferences including EXPO, please mention the poster printing cost($50) at the budget section. 

     4.  Supporting Letter/Letter of Recommendation(LOR)

    • Each mentor must write a supporting letter. Any proposal without a supporting letter won't be reviewed. The letter has to be sent

      to ngope@lamar.edu  with the following subject line student's firstname_lastname_OUR_ LOR_2019-20; for example John_Smith_OUR_LOR_2019-20. by 5 PM, Thursday, October 03. This letter should include a statement about student’s ability to carry out the proposed work and the mentor’s involvement in the project, including his/her support offered with lab space, computer access, and/or direct supervision. 

Undergraduate Research
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