Find Funding

Through the Office of Undergraduate Research, undergraduate students have unique access to funding and travel support for your research. The OUR accepts proposals from undergraduate students to support their research efforts.


Additional Information


  • Undergraduate students enrolled in 12hrs or more in both the current Fall and Spring semester
Students enrolled in 9-11hrs either in Fall or Spring may be eligible to apply, however a letter from the department chair of the students major must be attached to the proposal. The department chair will need to explain the special circumstances for the lower number of credit hours based on the degree plan of the student.
  • 2.8 Minimum CGPA and 3.0 Major GPA
  • Must have a faculty mentor

Funding Amounts

Each funding opportunity contains different funding amounts for research and stipends.

Surf: $3,000
  $1,000 - Research Support
  $2,000 - Stipend

HASBSEB: $1,500
  $1,000 - Research Support
  $500   - Stipend

STEM: $1,500
  $1,000 - Research Support
  $500   - Stipend


Travel Support

The OUR can provide financial support to students who plan to travel for the purpose of conducting work related to an ongoing research or creative activity project.

Travel grant applications must be submitted for review with all supplemental components complete in their entirety. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed and returned to the student. Returned applications must be completed before the review process can begin.