Texas STEM Conference


The Texas STEM conference proud to exhibit the interests of the Lamar University undergraduate research community.

The forum is a great opportunity to feature research endeavors in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Additional Information

  • Eligibility

    Eligible students must be full time LU undergraduates enrolled in the Fall and Spring semesters. Minimum 2.8 Cumulative GPA and 3.0 or higher GPA within their discipline.

    Must have at least one faculty mentor in the discipline of the research topic.

    OUR may provide logistic support for the application process.

  • Participation and Attendance

    Grant recipients must attend the four events sponsored by OUR. Attending the mandatory OUR grant winners orientation, OUR Kick-off and OUR EXPO do not count toward the four events.

  • Stipend

    STEM: $1,500

      $500     - Student Stipend 
      $1,000 - Research Support - Up to $1,000 will be awarded for research support, which may include
    supplies, disposable, small equipment, software, analytical services, books, research related travel or service, etc. Lamar University will retain the ownership of any equipment purchased with these funds.
  • Travel Support

    After the completion of their work, OUR grant recipients are encouraged to travel to present at conferences in ones research discipline, outside of Lamar University. Travel to present at a conference will require a Request for Funds to Support Student Travel Involving Undergraduate Research/Creative Activity to the OUR office.

    For more information regarding OUR supported travel call 409-880-8430 or email our@lamar.edu.

  • Proposal Format

    Preparation for STEM proposals can be challenging. OUR provides support through the entire application process. Reviewing the guidelines for STEM proposal submission will get you started.

    Submit all five items (cover sheet, narrative, resume, budget, timeline and letter of support) electronically as a single PDF to cbahrim@lamar.edu with the subject line: STEM proposal by February 20.

    The file name format should be: student_name-STEM-Year.pdf. Example:johndoe-STEM-2023.pdf.

  • Poster Guidelines
    Need help creating a poster for your conference presentation? Use the poster guide as a template to assist you.
  • Stages of Research

    Depending upon the topic and challenges you encounter along the way during your research, you may need to follow the simple three steps for effective stages of research.

    Use this guide as a template to assist you during each stage of the research process.


  • Methods

    STEM centers around either the scientific method of research or the artistic method of research. There are three stages, early, in progress and advanced within the research process.

    • Scientific Method: uses various techniques to make systematic observations, collect and measure evidence, analyze, interpret and make conclusions. This method is used to eliminate the possibility than an event occurred by chance.
    • Artistic Method: uses the artistic process, the actual making of artistic expressions in all different forms of the arts as a primary way of understanding and examining experience. This method can be used by those in the Fine and Performing Arts.

Schedule 2022

October 12 Workshop - participation TX STEM and HASBSEB conference
October 24 Registration and Submission deadline (midnight)
October 25 Notification of acceptance
October 25-28 Organizational week for TX STEM conference
October 31 Panel discussion - presentations at the TX STEM conference
November 5 Texas STEM Conference - Archer Bldg 8:30a-7p