Building Usage Policies

Access & Loitering

The Setzer Student Center is not a place of unrestricted public access, it is intended for the use of students, faculty, staff, guests of the University, and participants in authorized on-campus activities. Loitering or interfering with this intended use is prohibited, and violators will be required to leave. In addition, lounges and other common spaces cannot be utilized for interviewing or meetings without the permission of the Event Services Office.

Indoor Mobile Transportation

Bicycles, skateboards, any type of skates, or scooters, are not allowed inside the Setzer Student Center. However, devices used to assist someone with a disability or injury are permitted. Bicycles and scooters may not be brought into the building, even if they are walked. Skateboards and skates may be carried through the building, but not rode on.

Lost & Found

The Setzer Student Center is not responsible for any lost or found article. Any found article will be taken to the University Police.


Displays or signage are prohibited without prior approval of the Event Services. Any that is approved must not cause damage to or take away from the aesthetics of the building and be removed after 14 days. Additionally, any approved displays or signage must meet state and local building codes, be ADA compliant and follow University policy.