Student Support

Student Conduct and Care Services provides a variety of support services to the students of Lamar University.

  • LU Care Team
    The CARE Team is a resource for faculty, staff, and students to report behaviors of LU students that may be potentially violent, threatening, or dangerous.

  • Cardinals Pantry
    A free and anonymous food pantry especially for LU students, the Cardinals Pantry was established to help fight food insecurity among LU students. Donations are always welcome!

  • GetInclusive
    The GetInclusive Course is an online education program that helps prepare students for the unique challenges and responsibilities of college life. It addresses issues related to alcohol, drugs, and sexual misconduct and provides important information regarding LU policies and available resources.

  • Medical Petitions
    During a student’s academic career, unexpected situations may arise that interfere with the student’s ability to be academically successful in a given semester. Students may wish to consider petitioning for a medical withdrawal.

  • Student Conduct, Academic Dishonesty, & Conflict Resolution
    Through the disciplinary process, we seek to help students understand the impact their behavior has on the global community, and to assist them with making future decisions that lead to personal and professional success.

  • Emergency Response
    SCCS is responsible for managing the University’s response to a deceased student. For this purpose, a student is defined as any student currently enrolled or enrolled in the previous semester.


230 Setzer Student Center
PO Box 10018