Policies for Students

Comprehensive Catalog

The Comprehensive Catalog is the primary source of information about university policies, regulations, and resources for students. 

Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is a supplement to the Catalog and contains in-depth information about the policies and regulations for students at Lamar University, plus resources and tools available to currently enrolled students.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines acceptable standards of behavior, social and personal responsibilities for students at LU, and the student disciplinary process. 

University Policies

University Policies for Students includes protocols for absences from class, emergency leave from school, federal privacy rights, health policies, and more.

Title IX/Sexual Misconduct

The Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy includes information about Title IX, a federal civil right that prohibits gender-based discrimination. Protections from gender-based or sex-based discrimination are extended to all people on campus regardless of their real or perceived sex, gender identity, or gender expression.

Academic Policies

Academic Policies include important information about academic dishonesty, grade appeals, student classifications, and the academic grievance procedure.


The LU Hazing Policy contains state laws and policies from the Texas Education Code that apply to all students at Lamar University, regardless of affiliation with a student organization, fraternity, or sorority.

Speech and Assembly

The LU Speech and Assembly Policy contains guidelines for visiting speakers, public assembly, publications, use of university facilities, and other forms of expression on the Lamar University campus.


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