Student Conduct and Care Services

Student Conduct & Care Services is devoted to responding to students’ unique needs. However, many times individuals do not ask for help when they need it, so it has become imperative that university employees and students learn to identify and refer students who are in distress to Care Services.

The CARE Team was created to accept referrals regarding individuals in distress or whose behavior raises concerns about their well-being or that of others. Concerns may include assistance in understanding academic and/or administrative processes, communication with faculty on class or assignments, or with staff on an activity or work. The CARE Team also addresses behaviors or mental, emotional, or psychological health conditions that may be disruptive, harmful or pose a direct threat or risk to the health and safety of the Lamar University community.

The CARE Team is a group of qualified and dedicated university professionals with a shared mission.

  • Support individual student success.
  • Provide a structured, positive method to respond to individuals whose behavior is disruptive to themselves or others.
  • Assist in protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the individual, as well as members of the university community.
  • Act as a resource for university employees.
  • Manage each case individually and eliminate fragmented care.

The CARE Team is composed of members of key areas:

  • Student Health Center
  • Housing & Residence Life
  • University Police
  • Associate Provost
  • Student Conduct & Care Services
  • Scholarships & Financial Aid
  • Greek Life
The main goal of the Care Services is to offer support and assistance. If you are contacted by our care team it means, there is a concern for your well-being or the well-being of someone you know. Safety and security are our priority, not punishment.


230 Setzer Student Center
PO Box 10018