Honors, Awards and Special Recognitions

Otho Plummer Award

The Otho Plummer Award was established in the name of the late Otho Plummer, chairman emeritus of the board of regents and a member of the board from 1949 to 1989. This award is given at commencement  to the male and female in that graduating class with the highest GPA. Recipients will be recognized at their college's ceremony.



Honors Graduate/Latin Honors

To be eligible to graduate with honors, an undergraduate student must have completed 60 hours of coursework at Lamar University with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. These students are recognized at commencement by wearing red and white honor cords and will have their honor announced as they cross the stage.

The honor recognized at the commencement ceremony is based on the grade point average as of the 12th class day of the current term (4th class day of the summer term for summer graduates). Because the degrees are not conferred until after commencement, the current term grades are not taken into consideration when recognizing Latin Honors at commencement.

Eligible students will be contacted, by email, prior to commencement and will be required to provide email at check-in, indicating they will receive an honor code.

Cum laude – 3.5 GPA to 3.64 GPA

Magna cum laude – 3.65 GPA to 3.79 GPA

Summa cum laude 3.8 GPA to 4.0 GPA

Graduate students, obtaining a master or doctorate degree, will not be eligible for Latin honors. Graduate students are required, by Graduate Studies, to maintain a 3.0 or higher to graduate. If you are a part of an honor society you may wear the cord they provide.

Reaud Honors College Graduates

Reaud Honors College Graduates are students who complete 23 credit hours of Honors courses including six hours in the Honors Thesis or 26 credit hours of Honors courses without the Honors Thesis and maintain at least a 3.4 GPA. Additionally, these students must participate in at least one High Impact Educational Practice (Undergraduate Research, Global Learning or a Co-Op/Internship) and perform volunteer service. Read Honors College graduates are recognized with a Honors medallion and will have this distinction mentioned as they cross the stage. Learn more information on graduation requirements for the Reaud Honors College.