Faculty Participants

faculty.jpgAll faculty are invited to participate in the commencement ceremony. Faculty may participate either as members of the academic procession or as marshals involved in directing graduates during the ceremony.

If you will be attending the ceremony please contact the Records Office at records@lamar.edu

Participating in Commencement

Academic Procession

Faculty in the academic procession are the first to enter the ceremony following the stage party. 

Faculty Marshals

The Faculty Marshal role is an esteemed privilege. Your role in Commencement is not just to lead our graduates into the ceremony, but to also set the tone and decorum for our graduates on the day of the Commencement.


Becoming a Marshal

Marshals are involved in every aspect of the Commencement process, from the opening procession and seating of candidates to the concluding recessional. Their participation is critical to the ceremony’s success. If you are interested in becoming a marshal, please contact the Records Office at records@lamar.edu by April 4, 2024 and indicate the role you would like to fill.

Lead Marshal

The Lead Marshal is chosen by the Commencement Committee. The Lead Marshal works closely with the committee chair, to determine the role each marshal will hold. The lead marshal will be responsible for communicating with faculty marshals, scheduling and conducting the rehearsal, and checking in marshals day of the ceremony. There are three lead marshals chosen for the spring and fall semesters. One for each ceremony. During the summer one lead marshal is chosen.

Commencement Rehearsal (walkthrough)

Commencement rehearsal is your opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Processional order and protocol. This is also your opportunity to ask questions regarding the order of the ceremony and expectations of your role as a marshal.

Faculty Marshal Check-In Procedures

Upon arrival on commencement day, please check-in at the Command Center with the Lead Marshal, located in room 106 of the Neches Federal Credit Union Arena at the Montagne Center. For your convenience, room 106 has been designated as the faculty changing/staging room.

  • Once you are robed you are to position yourself at your designated locations.
  • Faculty leaders - Room 106 of the Neches Federal Credit Union Arena at the Montagne Center.
  • All other designated marshals should be located in room 106 of the Neches Federal Credit Union Arena at the Montagne Center with the Faculty leaders.
  • At 20 minutes until the start of the ceremony, faculty leaders are to move marshals and faculty to the tunnel. Faculty will proceed into the ceremony in one line.