Important Dates & Events to Remember:


June 7           

  • Graduation Applications available on SSB
    • If you see "no curriculum" your name has not been submit yet as eligible - contact your dept.

June 25         

  • Last day to apply for graduation
  • Undergraduates must have declared their minor
  • Graduates Field of Study change must be finalized and submitted to Records
  • Name correction – for commencement program and diploma printing

August 8       

  • Application fee due
  • Notification of change commencement attendance

August 18     

  • Lamar University Commencement Ceremony

    • Time: 10:00 am
    • Location: Montagne
    • Graduating students please arrive at 9:00 am to check-in

August 20       

  • Degree conferral will appear in your records by end of day

August 30  

  • Degree conferral for students who’s last class day is August 20th
    • Conferral will appear in your records by end of day
    • Your diploma will be mailed. Please allow two to four weeks after the conferral date.