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Cardinal Communities by Major


  • Art and Design
    Connect with other students and be introduced to the world of visual art and design as you explore LU. Learn about opportunities on campus, within the Department and in the surrounding community.
  • ASL Cardinals
    Explore careers in ASL while forming relationships with other ASL majors, exploring real life application and professional organizations that relate to deafness.
  • Biology and Environmental Sciences
    Explore campus resources for Biology and Environmental Science disciplines. Tour facilities and connect with faculty, students and professionals. Gain an edge that will help your academic success.
  • Business

    Meet the College of Business faculty, staff and administrators along with the world of business. Learn about opportunities for success and future careers. This community gives students a behind-the-scenes look at how the College of Business operates, what its mission and goals are.

  • Cardinal Connection
    Learn all about being a Cardinal by exploring campus together, playing games, team building and more. Get involved with campus, get peer support and make new friends!
  • Communication Cards
    Join other communications major and receive purposeful support though information discovery sessions, movie nights, study sessions and social gatherings.
  • Computer Science
    Learn how computers and technology are being used to solve problems and achieve a better quality of life. Learn about careers in high demand including mobile computing, game development, artificial intelligence, machine learning, medical image processing, real-time systems and security.
  • Engineering the Future
    Explore the creative and diverse sides of various fields of engineering. Tour the STEM building and meet faculty and staff. Participate in fun activities and social events.
  • Exercise and Sport Science
    Meet other students interested in Exercise and Sport Science, faculty and staff. Explore campus recreation, healthy habits and learn more about what career opportunities are available in this area.
  • First Generation Proud
    Meet other First Gen students, faculty & staff. First Gen are students whose parents did not complete a 4-year college degree or do not have a college-bound tradition in their families.
  • Future Doctors
    Calling all future doctors, vets, dentists and more. Learn how to navigate college while learning about what all the healthcare field has to offer and connecting with people who have similar aspirations.
  • Future Educators
    Students of today looking to educate our students of tomorrow can connect, and build skills needed to educate, advocate, and communicate with the next generation of great mind.
  • Future Nurses
    Explore aspects of the nursing profession and have the opportunity to meet nurses. Participate in activities that include stress and time management techniques, organization strategies, relaxation techniques, and team building.
  • History and Culture
    Connect with fellow students and faculty in History and culture, while exploring the diverse and creative history of Lamar, Beaumont, Texas and beyond. Take part in activities, explore local museums and create lasting friendships.
  • Law and Public Service
    Learn about different career fields related to law and public service and explore different careers, visit with different public service sectors and more.
  • Pre-Health Professionals
    Are you a pre-professional student planning on entering the Health Professions field? Connect with fellow pre-professional students while learning what you need to do now to become the Health professional you want to be.
  • Psychology
    Connect with Psychology majors and explore career opportunities. Learn about opportunities to participate in hands on activities and learn about future research.
  • Social Sciences
    Love learning about and helping others? Explore the social sciences and connect with fellow students, faculty and staff in these areas.
  • Speech and Hearing
    Network with upperclassmen, graduate students and faculty members. Gain the opportunity to participate in social mixers, service activities and gain hands-on experience in your major.
  • STEM Connection
    Connect with fellow STEM students, faculty and staff. Explore STEM majors and career opportunities.
  • Suspects, Weapons, Who Did It?
    Explore good murder mysteries inspired by actual events and look at some of the wildest murder cases that gripped the press and kept people holding their breath. We will explore the dark underbelly of the 19th century and see what, and who, people were willing to sacrifice to get what they wanted.
  • The Science of Health
    Connect with fellow students and faculty interested in the science of health including career opportunities available in this area. Learn about and discuss healthy lifestyles, nutrition and more.

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