LU goes green at Earth Day event

It was a beautiful day on April 22. The green grass was shimmering under the early morning sun. In the shade of the tent on the Brooks-Shivers Dining Hall lawn, Lamar University’s Office of Sustainability and its Green Squad were welcoming students to talk about an important subject — one that will impact generations to come: sustainability.

Every April 22, the nation celebrates Earth Day. Held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., this annual event at Lamar University showcases sustainability to the LU community, raising awareness of sustainability and encouraging students to get involved in being eco-friendly, according to LU Green Squad President Christine Osborne.

The LU Green Squad is an organization for everyone in the Lamar University community — students, staff and faculty. They help with recycling, planning green events on campus and spreading the word about sustainability.

“We are a student organization focused on sustainability, but we often work with the Department of Sustainability on green initiatives,” said Osborne. “Earth Day was coordinated by the Office of Event Management, which oversees the Department of Sustainability.

Approximately 150 individuals arrived on the lawn to participate in the biggest highlights of the day — four tree plantings by representatives from Exxon Mobile. Earth Day 2022

“The tree plantings were a huge group effort and will benefit the university for years to come,” she added. “My favorite part of the day was just seeing all the people who came by and wanted to know more about how to be sustainable!”

As the DJ played in the background and people perused the tables, often stopping for free food and swag, the Green Squad and other organizations were taking steps closer to their ultimate goal: to raise awareness about sustainability.

“If we’re not sustainable and eco-friendly, then we’re not doing our part to protect the planet and ensure that it stays healthy for the people that come after us,” the LU Green Squad president stressed. “That’s the whole definition of sustainability: to ensure the planet stays green for the people that come after. So, doing little sustainable things and even just being aware that what you’re doing could harm the planet helps the overall goal.”

Osborne added that the community can be more eco-friendly by taking small steps to ensure the planet is healthy for generations to come.

“Students can start by recycling what they can and bringing it by our monthly recycling event for drop off, but also students can just be aware, like turning off the lights when you’re done in a room or unplugging unused devices,” Osborne said. “These little actions, if done by a large number of people, can have huge impacts!”

Individuals interested in learning more or joining the LU Green Squad are encouraged to visit its website, follow the organization on Instagram or join on Discord.