LU Green Squad

   LU Cardinal made from plastic bottles!

cardinal made from plastic bottles

 Mosaic made from bottle caps!


The LU Green Squad is an organization for everyone in the Lamar University community – students, staff, and faculty. They help with recycling, planning green events on campus, and spreading the word about sustainability. You are welcome to join our group whether you want to simply show support, keep up with our progress, or become actively involved.

Some of our past activities include distributing recycling bins to every dorm room, making a bottle cap mosaic for Earth Week and helping with the LU Community Garden.

Green Squad Tips for Living Green:

  • Reduce! - use reusable bags and bottles instead of single-use plastics
  • Reuse! - find other uses for items like jars, clothing, and plastic bottles
  • Recycle! - help spread the word about recycling on campus, at home, and at work
  • Purchase items made from recycled materials – pens from recycled plastic, paper that is made from recycled paper, etc.

        student volunteers    student volunteers