Center for Midstream Management and Science

Center for Midstream Management and Science

Research Mission

The Center for Midstream Management and Science ("Midstream Center" or "Center"), established and funded by the Texas legislature in late 2019, serves as a bridge between Lamar University and the midstream industry, including all oil and gas transportation, gas processing, terminals and storage. Lamar University (i) is located in Beaumont, Texas, in the middle of one of the largest and most important transportation, storage, refining, and petrochemical complexes in the world, (ii) has been graduating as many as 300 engineers each year for generations, and (iii) has 46 faculty members in the college of engineering, 16 of which have a midstream interest. An assessment of engineering faculty strengths and interests in combination with guidance from the Center's Industry Advisory Board led to a Midstream Center focus on: (i) leak detection and monitoring, (ii) big data, AI and predictive maintenance, (iii) corrosion detection and monitoring, and (iv) resilience and reliability.

The Midstream Center seeks to identify technological midstream issues and bring LU's knowledge and research capabilities to bear to solve these concerns, enabling companies to reduce costs and enhance revenues and profits. The Midstream Center funded 16 midstream research projects in 2020.

Education Mission

The Midstream Center has multiple educational objectives, including improving engineering student readiness to join the midstream industry, enhancing engineering faculty knowledge and understanding of the midstream industry and its needs, and acting as a promoter and clearing house for technological advances impacting the midstream sector. The Center is developing midstream focused course modules and a Midstream Certificate designed to enhance the value of LU engineering graduates to the midstream industry. The midstream focused modules are expected to be inserted into ten to 16 courses included in the various engineering disciplines offered by Lamar University beginning in the Spring 2021 semester. The Midstream Certificate is being developed that may be earned by Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering students by taking four midstream centric courses as part of their degree programs. The Midstream Certificate program is expected to be in place by the Fall 2021 semester. In addition to student driven education, the Center regularly organizes field visits and educational events for engineering faculty in order to enhance and bridge understanding between faculty and industry. Finally, the Midstream Center regularly hosts panel discussions and other events designed to highlight and discuss topical midstream issues affecting the midstream sector.

Information Clearing House Mission

The Center seeks to act as a clearing house for topical midstream information and research through several avenues:

· Hosting an annual midstream symposium and periodic panel discussions and events designed to highlight and discuss important issues facing the Midstream Industry

· Hosting an annual Midstream Technology Showcase to highlight new and emerging technologies coming from industry and academia

· Building and hosting a midstream-focused database of all identified published research and doctoral dissertations relating to midstream relevant topics and an electronic rolodex of academics and researchers interested in various midstream-relevant issues. This database is expected to be online by Summer 2021

· Regularly pursuing outreach to industry participants, including companies, industry associations, plus governmental and nongovernmental agencies with interests impacting the midstream sector

· Publishing Periodic newsletters for the Center for Midstream Management and Science